You may think that outside dog pens can clean up by themselves. Maybe you are thinking that a strong rain can wash away your dog's accidents and pee. But that won't do. You need to thoroughly clean your pens to kill the germs and bacteria which can, in turn, help you avoid frequent trips to your vet. In this article, you will know the materials you will need for cleaning and learn how to clean your outside dog pens in just 8 steps


A clean home equates to a healthy and happy dog. This is the reason why you need to tidy up your dog pens. You can do that by following the steps that I am about to share with you.


For this task, you will need rubber gloves, face mask, pooper scooper, broom, disinfectant, plastic bags, bucket, garden hose, sponge mop (or just a sponge), and sprayer (optional). When you have everything you need, you can start with the clean up. Here are the steps:

  • Remove your dogs from their pen and place them in a separate place far from where you are cleaning. You can leave them to your neighbors or let the kids watch them.
  • Put on your face mask and rubber gloves. These will protect you from inhaling chemicals and dirt, and from contamination.
  • Using your pooper scooper, remove the poop from your pen. Place them in the plastic bags you have prepared and remove from the pen.
  • Take away your dogs' toys, beddings, and food and water bowls.
  • Get rid of the dirt and debris by using the broom. If you have flooring wherein a broom cannot be used, just pick up the dirt.
  • Pour disinfectant into a bucket full of water (or please follow the instructions in your disinfectant's label). There are other disinfectants that are in tablet or powder form so just take your pick. It will be better though if you ask recommendations from your vet. Ask for a disinfectant that is safe for your pets and kills germs. Opt for disinfectants instead of bleach as they are safer. You can easily get them in pet stores too.
  • Following your disinfectant's instructions, apply the diluted solution to your pen. Use a sprayer if needed. Apply a generous amount to the flooring and even on the fencing. Use a sponge or sponge mop for this area.
  • Let your pen dry before taking in the dogs and their supplies inside the pen.


Care for your pet's home just like you care for yours. Remember that, just like human beings, they can get dangerous diseases if their pens are not kept clean at all times. Please feel free to share this article to your friends (or even in facebook) if you found this useful. If you need to learn more about outside dog pens, you can go to various online resources online. Those sites can give you lots of tips and tricks about outside dog pens. Thank you and I hope that I have helped you in cleaning your outside dog pens.