Outside Patio Fire Pits

Outdoor patio fire pits offer a great gathering spot for family and friends. The fire pit is also perfect for firing up and enjoying in solitude. The glowing fire pit on a summer night or fall evening creates a desirable ambiance. Overall, outside patio fire pits are excellent purchases whether you are looking for new patio furniture, enjoy firepits, or are looking for a replacement fire pit. There are plenty of different outside patio fire pits designs so there is no problem finding the right fireplace for your porch, deck, or patio area.

Outside patio fire pits are either gas or wood powered. Before you buy your new outside fire pit you should decide if you like gas or wood better. There are several excellent fire pit designs in each type of ignition. Fire pits and accessories can be expensive, but most of them are very reasonably priced and accessible. You can find outside patio fire pits on sale at various retailers. Always check out Amazon's fire pit prices because they carry an assortment of Landman, UniFlame, CobraCo, and other fire pit brands, both propane gas and wood.

Best Patio Fire Pits

Buying an outside patio fire pit is a good investment for your home. Not only does it give you, your family, and your friends a great place to hang out on cool summer nights, crisp fall evenings, and during wintertime, but it helps to beautify your home, porch, patio, veranda, or wherever else you might think to put an outside fire pit. As mentioned above outside patio fire pits are affordable. Outside fire pits and accessories make excellent gifts. If you are thinking about surprising someone with a fire pit for Christmas then check out some of these patio fire pits. These outside patio fire pits are some of the best rated fire pits by consumers.

UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit

The UniFlame Slate & Marble fire pit is Amazon's #1 rated and sold fire pit (pictured here). This outside fire pit is described as a "34" Slate & Marble Surround Fire pit with copper Accents".Uniflame Outside Portable Patio Fire Pits It is a wood burning fire pit that has a 22-inch diameter black porcelain firebowl. It comes with a spark arrestor and steel grate for safety. The UniFlame outside fire pit sits on a sturdy wrought iron stand that enables you to use it on as a patio firepit without problem. It weighs 58 pounds and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. After reading the customer reviews you'll see that these UniFlame outside patio fire pits are easy to assemble and a satisfying purchase. Those who have already got one of these maintain that it's a cheap outside patio fire pit in terms of cost, but not in craftsmanship. The UniFlame fire pit costs less than $200 (around $155) at Amazon.

Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

If you are looking for an eye catching outside patio fire pit then look no further. This is one of the coolest outdoor patio fire pits yet. The Landmann USA Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace is one of the top Home and Garden Amazon products, rated 3rd in fire pits, and missing the #2 spot because of the Terrazzo patio fire pit cover below. The Landmann Ball of Fire outside fire pit is literally shaped in a ball, giving it a unique look. Fire pits come with aBall of Fire Landmann Fire Pit for Outdoors protective grate that prevents sparks and helps make it safer. On the Landmann Ball of Fire there is a 360 degree spherical spark screen and a door that opens on one side for stoking the fire, roasting marshmallows, or putting more wood on the fire. This is a wood burning fire pit, but if you want a propane fire pit you have the option with Landmann. This outside patio fire pit is safer around children although they should always be supervised around fire pits. For all of the specs on this outside patio fire pit check out the Landmann Ball of Fire on Amazon. It is 59 pounds, offers a 360 degree view of the fire, and comes with the fire poker and cover. The Ball of Fire is an excellent outdoor patio fire pit that is under $200, especially when you consider that it comes with the fire pit cover and fire poker.

Those interested in eco-friendly fire pits can still use this Landmann Ball of Fire. Landmann has created their fire pits in a way that enables the customer to choose wood or propane burning.

Outside Patio Fire Pits and Accessories

Whether it is for yourself or you're getting an outside patio fire pit and accessories for someone as a Christmas present, Father's Day gift, or birthday present, it is sure to go over well. These fire pits are sure to add ambiance to any backyard area. If you are looking to get some outside patio fire pit accessories then there are a couple of items that should top your list. Since your patio fire pit, whether it's gas or wood, is outside you want to buy a waterproof cover for it. For less that $20 you can buy a 40" waterproof fire pit cover. The Terrazzo outside fire pit cover is the #2 ranked item among fire pits at Amazon. Whether you get the Terrazzo outside patio fire pit cover or choose another brand, this is a very important fire pit accessory. One of the funner accessories for outside patio fire pits are marshmallow roasting sticks. Although not as essential as purchasing covers for your outside fire pits, the marshmallow roasting sticks definitely add lots of fun and food to the fire pit mix.

The outside fire pits are going to dictate the accessories. If you don't get a portable fire pit then you might need a different type of cover. Another of the really important accessories for fire pits is the fire pit pad. This is some type of fire proof mat that goes under the patio fire pit. Using fire pits like the Uniflame that comes on a long enough stand you don't have to use a fire pit mat. Assess the need for fire pit mats before you get one. There are all sorts of accessories for fire pits, including many fun things that you can buy. If you plan to use your outside patio fire pit to create a seating area on your porch then you will want to look into benches, chairs, and perhaps an entirely different type of fire pit like the Fire Pit Patio Set. You can always find a new gift with the fire pit. Getting someone a homemade apron or other fun fire pit accessories is a good time.

Final Fire Pit Buying Tips:

There are many fire pits under $200. The are several outside yard and patio fire pits on sale. If you have been wanting to buy a fire pit for your yard, deck, porch, patio, or swimming pool area then now is the time. If you are trying to surprise someone with an amazing Christmas present then buying a portable patio fire pit ought to do the trick. Make sure to read the return instructions before buying outside fire pits if they are going to be a gift. Since many of these backyard fire pits have grills, don't forget a "Kiss the Cook" apron. Enjoy!