Working at home was always supposed to be more pleasant than working in an office…Yet here you are writing at a desk for 14 hours a day? Is it time you changed the way you work?


You can increase your article income in a variety of ways:

  • Find a better niche – one that is higher paying or less competitive
  • Get higher Google rankings – more back-links, better SEO
  • Write more articles


How can you write more articles when you are already writing for 14 hours a day? You can't, but you can pay others to write articles for you.

Your Article Writing Business


Article writing is a business, just like any other. You are an entrepreneur, using your skills and knowledge to make a living.


Most entrepreneurs start off as a one-man band; you do everything yourself because you have no money to pay others to do it for you.


After a time you have so many projects that you can no longer cope because there are only 24 hours in a day. You need some relaxation time and you are stressed out from writing for 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You need to employ others to do some of your work. A plumber will expand his business by employing other plumbers and trades-people. You need to employ others to do some of the writing related tasks.


If you expect an article to earn you $20 a year, it makes good business sense to pay someone $10 to write that article. What puts people off doing this is a lack of certainty that the paid-for article will actually earn as anticipated.


What Could You Delegate?


Your article writing has several components:

  • Writing articles
  • Posting articles
  • Writing blog posts related to those articles
  • Writing backlinks to your articles


The most time-consuming part of the work is the actual article writing, so, logically, that is what you must delegate to a paid employee.


How Can You Maintain Article Quality When You Outsource the Writing?


This is the $64,000 question. You employ an educated writer whose first language is English. Writers from certain countries have peculiar ways of writing and seem to have no understanding of the intuitive way you need an article to flow; Indian writers are notorious for this way of writing, frequently inserting 'the' at totally inappropriate places in the text.

Where Do You Find High Quality Writers?


You need to be able to see previous work, to see previous employers' rankings and to be able to pay as you go.


Forget Elance and Freelancer, you can get the work done cheaply there, but you will spend just as long editing the work as you would have writing it in the first place.


Find Writers on oDesk


oDesk is an online freelance marketplace where you can either put a task out to tender, or invite your chosen writers to tender for the job.


There are hundreds of writers, including American, Canadian and British writers who will write your articles for $3 an hour.


You can search for writers by country, star rating and hourly pay rate.


How Does oDesk Work for an Employer?


If you agree to pay an employee $5 an hour, you pay oDesk an extra 50c an hour. If a writer completes an article in one hour and earns $5, your total payment will be $5.50, with oDesk's administration charge.


Paying someone per hour who is working 10,000 miles away might seem open to abuse, but oDesk have a fantastic system that monitors what their writers are actually doing. If a writer claims for 1 hour, they must have actually WORKED on your article for that hour.


There are different ways of paying employees, but the best way is to give oDesk your credit card details and let them charge your card as each job is completed. No security deposit is needed; your card would just be charged the $5.50, or whatever for the completed article.


The best way to check it out is actually to sign up as an Employer at oDesk. Fill in a fictitious job in the application process, but make it Private, that way you will not be inundated with hundreds of writers offering to write your article.


Who Are The Best Writers on oDesk?


Do NOT discount writers from the developing world. Some of them write every bit as well as American or Australian writers do. Look at the profile pieces that they have submitted and at their star ranking.


If you join a forum where lots of developing world writers hang out, like MyLot, you can judge the quality of an individual's English on the forum, then offer them a writing job on oDESK.

What About the Morality of Employing a Ghost Writer?



If you look on article writing as a business, then employing a ghost writer to write your articles is no different from a garage owner employing a mechanic, a receptionist and an accountant. The garage owner spends his time growing the business and making strategic plans.


Once you outsource your writing you will need to spend time managing your oDesk employees. You will need to decide which writers to re-employ and which to drop, but this will take less time than writing all the articles yourself, so you will have time to make strategic, long-term plans for your article writing business.


Many people argue that it is wrong to take advantage of low wage rates in the developing world. The argument is flawed. These writers live in countries where there is no unemployment benefit. Living costs are low, but they have to earn some money to stay alive. They are offering their writing skills and knowledge at the rate they need to live. If you employ a writer from the Phillipines or Thailand you are helping that writer to feed himself and his family.


Most people want to reduce the dependence of the developing world on charity. If you don't want to give them charity…Give them jobs.