Grocery shopping on the Internet!  What would your grandmother say!?!??!  Your grandma is probably using the service.   Online grocery shopping hit the market in the mid-1990’s, back when Nirvana, grudge and slap bracelets were hot – seems like forever ago doesn’t it?  It’s time to see what online grocery shopping is all about.

Logistics of Online Grocery Shopping

Although the idea didn’t immediately take off, today people all over the nation grocery shop in five minutes or less with literally the click of a button.    One reason this is appealing is foods generally cost the same online as they would cost in a store.  The additional cost comes with the delivery fee of between $5-$15.  A small price to pay for one to avoid shopping carts, bags, parking lots - and impulse buys in the checkout line. 

Another great reason to use online grocery shopping is you don’t have to be home when they deliver.   Most services have an unattended delivery service option that allows you a window for the groceries to be delivered.  The first question most people have for this delivery method is how do hot foods stay hot and cold foods stay cold?  Simple, the food comes in insulated boxes.

Not a great planner?  Not a problem - most services are next-day grocery-delivery service.   Some even allow you until 10:00pm to order for a next-day delivery.

To Shop or Not Shop…online

Online grocery shopping doesn’t just cut down on the physical task of going to the grocery store, but it also helps the beltline.  By not going to the grocery store one can focus solely on meal planning for the week ahead and bypass the rows of sugary and salty foods at the store.  In addition, many online systems are set up to repeat previous lists and orders, meaning you do not have to recreate your favorite items every week, they remain saved in the online grocery system. 

For the skeptics out there, here are your negatives to online grocery shopping.  First, many services do not deliver to condos or apartment complexes.  Second, since you do not physically see the food it is possible to make mistakes – such as intending to order ten apples, but actually ordering ten bags of apples…  Third, slots fill up fast.  If you wait until the last minute, you may not get the delivery slot you want.

If for you, the positives of the service outweigh the negatives, try it once and make a note of how much time you save.  Get started by visiting for more detailed information of online grocery shopping services near your location.

 A Short List of Online Grocery Services

  • Acme Markets: Delivers to areas of New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Also offers pick-up at their facilities.
  • Albertsons: Currently only offers services at the following locations: LA/Orange City/Inland Empire/Ventura, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver, Bellingham, Mercer Island, Salt Lake City and St. George with home delivery for $9.95 or the option to shop online and then pick-up at a store for $4.95.
  • Amazon Fresh: For those of you in the Seattle-area, Amazon will delivery a full-range of groceries, including bakery items, frozen goods and more.
  • Big Apple Grocer: Delivers groceries to Manhattan and Hudson county, New Jersey.
  • Blue Ribbon Foods: Delivers by truck to the southeast United States, specializing in beef, pork, seafood and more.
  • Citarella: Well-known seller of gourmet foods in New York City, now offering home delivery in the region.
  • Fresh Direct: Serves the New York City metro area, focusing heavily on fresh foods like seafood and meats, as well as general items. Delivers and also allows you to pick-up from their facility.
  • Gopher Grocery: – Home delivery of groceries to certain zip codes in Minnesota.
  • Home Shop: Operated by Kroger’s, HomeShop delivers to several cities in Colorado.
  • Max Delivery – Delivery to a large portion of Manhattan, most deliveries within an hour and they will also bring you DVDs as well as groceries.
  • One Click Grocery: Delivers to universities in New York and Connecticut. Delivery is free, but if you miss your window, there is a $15 re-delivery fee.
  • Peapod: One of the oldest online grocery stores, offers services in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Milwaukee, SE Wisconsin and Chicago.
  • Roche Bros: A full-line grocery store servicing the Boston area.
  • Safeway: The Safeway grocery store chain offers delivery from their physical retail shops.
  • Schnucks: Delivery to a large portion of the state of Missouri.
  • Simon Delivers: Offers full grocery shopping to areas surrounding Minneapolis.
  • Urban Grocery – Deliveries of goods from Magruder’s to the Washington DC area.
  • Your Grocer – Is warehouse style shopping delivered to your house in portions of New York City and Connecticut.