We all know what we are suppose to use toothpaste for, right! Our teeth and our breath depend on it. I would just hate to think how different that our relationships would be without it. Toothpaste is a nice little mild abrasive miracle that has improved our lives immensely. However, toothpaste can be used as a nontoxic cleaner to clean a number of things in a very effective way. I know of at least 25 other uses of toothpaste that I think you will find beneficial. Almost all of these examples require the use of the non-gel type.

1. Cleaning an Iron - Rub a small amount on the bottom surface of your iron then rinse.

2. Deodorize Baby Bottle - Place some on bottle brush then scrub away sour milk smells.

3. Shine Bathroom and Kitchen Chrome- Rub some on with a damp cloth and wipe off.

4. Clean Bathroom Sink - It will get rid of pungent drain smells during the process.

5. Clean Mirrors - place small amount on cloth and rub on mirror, rinse with water

6. Prevent fog on Mirrors and Goggles- Repeat # 4

7. Remove Scuff Marks from Leather Shoes - Rub on and wipe off.

8. Clean old Sneakers - Rub on the top of the rubber soles and brush with old toothbrush.

9. Remove Crayon Marks from Walls - Rub on marks and wipe off with a wet cloth.

10.Remove Ink and Lipstick Stains - Rub on the material and blot and repeat, then wash.

11.Remove Black Beach Tar from Feet - Rub on bath cloth and scrub bottom of feet.

12.Clear up Pimples - Dab on Acne and let sit overnight, then wash.

13.Clean Smell from Hands - Use like a soap to remove tobacco, garlic, and onion smells.

14.Remove Stains from Carpet - Dab on, scrub with a brush, then shampoo carpet.

15.Removes Water Marks from furniture - Rub on, wipe with a cloth and use a coaster.

16.Cleans Ivory Piano Keys - Rub on with a damp cloth and rinse with a damp cloth.

17.Relief of a Bee sting - Place a dab on after removing stinger. It will ease the pain.

18. Bug Bite and Rash Relief - Placing some on the effected area will stop the itch.

19. Cold Sore Ointment - Put some on a cold sore and leave overnight.

20. Use for Spackle - Emergency use for nail hole filler on white walls.

21. Poster Hanger - Dab some on wall and stick poster in place.

22. Removes Scratches from CD's - Rub some on a soft cloth and rub CD lightly.

23. Soothe a Burn - Place some on a mild burn for relief.

24. Get Gum out of Hair - Place some in hair over gum, let sit, then slowly comb out.

25. Clean Kool-Aid Stains - Scrub stain with toothpaste and brush, rinse, and repeat.

26. Cleans Shower Doors - Same as mirror, but will remove the soap scum really well.

27. Metal Polisher to Remove Scratches- Rub toothpaste in wipe with damp cloth and dry.

28. Oil Remover - Dab on and let it sit for a little while then rinse off. Repeat if necessary.

29. Temporary Insect Barrier - Place a line around an infested area, ants will not cross.

If you know of other uses other than your teeth and those listed above then leave me a comment. I am sure there are more way than just these, but this will get you started. Just a little note to add, when I cleaned my mirrors with toothpaste and I rinse it with a wet cloth, I always dry it with coffee filters. It makes the mirrors sparkle and they will not fog up.