Eczema is a fairly common skin disease that can leave some very visible markings on the skin. It not only is painful but can have an absolutely detrimental effect on a persons confidence and self esteem. Some people seem to have their confidence absolutely buried by it. The symptoms of eczema that most people experience include dry, red itchy skin. When the condition becomes extremely serious it can cause other problems such as bleeding. There are several different categories of eczema. The two which have become the most famous are probably infantile eczema which, as you might guess, appears on children and atopic eczema which more commonly appears on adults. Both of these kinds of eczema can be very aggressive. It can completely destroy the structure of normal skin. Luckily, in the last several years there have been many effective over the counter eczema treatments which can help people with this condition tremendously.

What causes eczema?

We still are not sure what exactly the cause of eczema is. There have been a lot of theories and many seem to be promising. The most common explanation anyone has ever come up with is that it is passed through genetics. It has been shown that if you have eczema there is a ninety nine percent chance that you child will also have eczema. A unfortunate but true statistic. There are some ways the child can avoid any serious outbreaks throughout their life. One of the main things that seems to help is eating healthy goods, especially those which are organic. It has also been shown that families which have ailments such as asthma and atopic allergies in their genetics are more likely to suffer from eczema as well. There are many precautions that can be taken in order to lower the chance that they might have a serious case of eczema but the main one is simply to eat healthy foods and to make sure you have a very strong immune system.

Another big thing that has been shown to cause eczema is dirty environments. It is very important that you wear clean clothes and bathe often. This is because it is a skin disease and making sure there is as little bacteria and pollutants on the skin can go a long way in preventing an outbreak. For example, a lot of teens wear clothes several times before washing them. This can aggravate the disease and cause another outbreak, and it could be fixed very simply.

Things To Avoid

It is very important that you absolutely avoid scratching or raking the skin. This is one of the hardest things to do because one of the main things that eczema does is make the skin feel very itchy. Its just like a mosquito bite, if you scratch it often you will probably make the problem worse. Another thing is to bathe, often like I already said. This is especially true if you have been doing a lot of physical exercise. Dried sweat seems to have a serious effect on how eczema reacts. Some sources say that if you have a very physically active lifestyle you should bath twice a day. Other than just bathing it is important to make sure you have actually cleaned off your entire body very well. Make sure that the sweat has been removed from your hair, and most importantly clean your face often. The face is one of the worst areas on the body to get an outbreak.

Best Over the Counter Eczema Treatments

I should just put it as simply as I can. There is absolutely no way to absolutely treat eczema. There are a lot of different ways on to treat eczema on the market and some might work for others while not work for others. This is the case with most types of diseases however. It is very important that you consult a doctor to make sure you are avoiding any serious problems. You should also read the packaging carefully on all of the over the counter eczema treatments that you might be buying. Their warnings are not to be taken lightly.

The thing about all of the types of eczema medications on the market is that they don't destroy the root cause of eczema. Because it is a genetic disease, that would be impossible. Instead they only try and treat the symptoms in order to make the disease easier to live with. Many people experience a lot of success with eczema creams but also have problems with the inflammations coming back. The creams can really only clear up the skin temporarily. Because people with eczema often have several different types of allergies it is very important to make sure that you don't have any kind of reactions to anything inside the medications. You can consult your normal doctor or a doctor who specializes in dermatitis. They can also give you prescriptions for medications that you cannot get over the counter that might work better for your particular case. Fucibet, for example, is a steroid cream that works really well for some people but cannot be bought over the counter.

There are also many ways that people have had great luck with in treating eczema naturally. This requires a lot of patience and persistence in order to get down to what exactly will help you. As I have already said, eating organic foods has been shown to help a lot of people. There are other things which can help as well however. A lot of people suffering from eczema have had great luck with Aloe Vera. It can be bought over the counter and has very little side effects because it is natural. It is also pretty cheap, so if it doesn't do anything for you then you won't be out very much money.
Other people have made the claim that you can cure eczema by using water with a PH level of about 8.5 to 9.0 and 2.5. You are supposed to drink the high PH water and keep the skin damp with the 2.5 PH water for a few hours every day. Some people have claimed to be completely cured within 3 months by following a strict regime of this.