If you have ever wanted to make a fashion statement, over the knee socks are bound to get you noticed. Socks are no longer the boring white ankle socks of yesteryear, but rather fashion statements all themselves.

A quick look at the over the knee socks available at major retailers online finds that socks have gone high fashion with abundant options for expressing both your personality and fashion flair.

What are over the knee socks like? Think about thigh high stockings and turn that image into a sock. Thigh high socks can be thin and opaque like trouser socks with anything from a muted color to bright reds, oranges or burgundy. Patterns also range from classic styles with muted and subtle patterns to fishnet or bold geometric prints.

Thigh high socks can also be made from thicker knitted fabrics more like a traditional knee high sock. In the thicker fabrics you can expect funkier patterns, bolder prints and in some cases holiday themes. The most popular patterns are stripes, plaids and holiday themed prints. Whatever you are looking for in your wardrobe, the choices are virtually endless between the combinations of fabrics, colors and prints available.

Why should you choose over the knee socks instead of thigh high stockings? There really are many advantages:

First, socks have the obvious fashion advantages over stockings because they are unexpected and give a greater wow factor. Fashion is all about garnering attention in a subtle way and to do that you need to be a little on the daring side.

Second, unlike their stocking counterparts, thigh high socks stay in place without the use of tight elastics or garters. There is less of a chance of compromising the circulation in the leg that could lead to varicose veins or other circulation disorders with repeated use. I find that thigh high socks are exceptionally comfortable to wear, while stockings can be irritating due to the tight bands at the top.

Most importantly, though socks are warmer in the winter than wither tights or pantyhose and wear longer for the price while giving greater comfort to the wearer. They are the natural choice for wear beneath knee high boots with short skirts in the winter while helping to wick moisture away from the skin. Keeping the skin dry will also avoid chaffing and irritation to your feet while wearing your boots.

If you are looking for a fashion accessory that won't break the bank, give over the knee socks a try. Once you do, you will never go back to thigh high stockings.