I chose the popular company and fine maker of canoes, Wenonah, based in Minnesota, and of which, I am a proud owner of.Wenonah specializes in canoes; however, they offer an array of canoes for just about any adventure.

The product width is limited to kayaks and canoes, that's it. Their product length is limited to two different products, that being kayaks and canoes.In that sense, they seem limited but upon further inspection, their product mix is greatly varied.Their canoe line alone is divided between Tandem, Solo and Specialty Canoes.Within each classification lie many models to choose from.The Tandem and Solo canoes are divided among Touring, Recreation, Performance, Expedition, and River Touring.Each division has several models to offer in various lengths and weights.Their Specialty canoes consist of hybrid models that allow one or three paddlers to enjoy or their ultra long 20 foot canoes built just for the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota.

Each model is also offered in different material.The rugged and lesser expensive, Royalex material is best suited for white water and rocky streams and lakes with a little bit of compromise in weight.Kevlar is lighter weight but more expensive, while the ultra light weight composites are left for those with deep pockets as the price nearly doubles between a comparable model made from Royalex.

It has been the craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets Wenonah apart from other companies that manufacture canoes.Wenonah has enjoined success since 1968 because of their dedication to the sport and their diverse range of canoe types, despite their limitations in product width and length. I have owned my Wenonah canoe now for many years now and I have never owned a canoe more durable and more reliable than this one. I could recommend this boat over and over and it wouldn't be enough. I am just so happy that I took a chance with this company and I feel as though I will not be wasting my money within any other company again. I have taken this canoe out white water rafting and have not had any problems with it. I have been in very strong rapids with this reliable canoe and have seen it bend almost in half and was able to get it back to its original form without any damage whatsoever.

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