What Can I Do At Home?


    A home is your own special place where you feel like you belong. It is a habitat that gives you a sense of mental and emotional feelings that involves you and your family. A home usually portrays that warm and inviting feeling that makes your body feel fuzzy inside.
    Sometimes a home doesn't have those qualities. A home can be filled with dull and lifeless people that doesn't smile. Families that sulk at home everyday can lead to depression. Depression is one thing you do not want your family  to experience!
    Even though a home can be warm or depressing, there are those times when you are just simply bored. The lack of interest in what you are doing leads to boredom, and to stop that from happening is to find something to do that does interest you. Here are 10 fun things you can do to overcome boredom at home:

1. Make a Creative Snack:

fruit kabobs       Eating is not the best choice for boredom, but it is the first thing  on a person's mind. Instead of going for a bag of chips or a box of pizza, find a way to get creative recipes that are fun and healthy. Fruit kabobs, smoothies, or fruit salads can get you started with your adventure. Making a creative snack can make eating fun and gives you the strength to overcome boredom.

2. Play a Board Game:  Board games can become in handy when it involves a family being bored. Pick any board game you are interested in for example, Monopoly, Scramble, and Sorry, are my favorite games to play. If you do not have any board games, create one yourself! You can get some construction paper and cardboard to create a checker board game. You can probably use coins as the game pieces! Be creative in anyway possible because it will sure entertain you!

3. Make a Homemade Video:  Do you have a camcorder, or a device that records? If so, this is another way to stop boredom. Your recording device makes homemade videos, funny videos and other types of videos. You can use your recording device to record just yourself or to record your family. Either way, it gives you something fun to do.

4. Make Reading Interesting:  ReadingReading a standard book can make being bored even more boring. The best way to make reading fun is to act the book out with a family member or a friend. I would recommend acting out comedy or horror books to get rid of boredom quickly.

5. Take A Nap: Taking a nap is the best option when you are bored. Sleeping refreshes your body, and it passes time quickly all at the same time. The duration of the nap can last for a short period of time, or through out the whole day. What really matters is that your boredom anticipates.

Music Notes

6. Jam to Some Tunes: Music is always a great pick me up when it comes to being bored. Music has its  way of calming the brain down, and gives you a great feeling of different emotions. I would recommend regular happy music, but if you are interested in something else, go for it.

7. Doodle: There is no need for you to be  a professional in art to draw a doodle. Doodling is fun when you open your imagination and draw. You can draw weird characters, buildings, or anything else that really catches your interest.

8. Talk to Someone: 

 Talking        Talking to a family member or someone over the phone is very good for boredom. It keeps your mind off time while you are focusing on the person in front of you.

9. Get Creative: Getting creative means doing whatever you want with creating materials. You can make origami, pictures, cards for your family, puzzles or whatever comes to your mind. Using your brain can really get rid of boredom.

10. Laugh:  The coolest thing that really stops boredom in its track is laughing. Laughing gives you a good feeling and makes you happy. I am not saying that you should just laugh out of no where, but I think you should create an image in your mind of something funny to get the laughing started. Once you have that going, you can find something around the house that can make you laugh even more. Being with the family can also get some good laughs out of you!


       Instead of sulking and complaining that you are bored, you should get off your feet and do something to solve your problem. It keeps depression outof the house and it keeps a great big smile on your face!