You can overcome public speaking anxiety by using and applying a simple secret. It's called right preparation. If you know your speech very well and have it internalized, you will feel much less fear and anxiety.

How To Prepare and Reduce Speaking Anxiety

When was your last vacation? Could you tell me about what you did and your experiences without any notes? Of course you could. It may be a little unorganized, but you could share story after story. If you had time to make a brief outline, you could likely talk for an hour with minimal notes.

Why? You experienced what you are talking about. It's a part of you. It's internalized.
In the same way, you want your speech to be internalized. You want to implant it on your mind and heart.

Please note that I am not saying you should memorize it word for word. Instead, know it so well that if you lose your place you can quickly pick up at the next point. Having it interlized like this will reduce your speaking nervousness.

Rehearsal and practice are the keys to internalizing your speech and reducing stage fright. Practice Out Loud and Feel more Confident

Two weeks ago, I was preparing for a 30 minute presentation. If you had been in my living room, you would have heard me delivering my presentation. I spoke a sentence to the couch, then the TV, the curtains, and so on.

I was internalizing my presentation. Did it help? Yes. I was able to speak with minimal notes. Sure,

I had a brief outline in front of me, but I rarely looked at it.

Take your note cards and practice your speech out loud. Set up a pretend stage in your living room and deliver. Seriously, when I practice I will make eye contact with the TV, couch, etc. You'll find your confidence increasing and your speech nervousness decreasing.
Very powerful.

Practice in Your Mind and Feel Less Speaking Nervousness

Sit down and relax for a moment. Now visualize the location of your next speech. Maybe it is a 3 minute presentation in the conference room. Maybe you are delivering to 279 people on stage.
Visualize the audience, the stage, and the lights. Now in your mind, visualize delivering your speech word for word to the audience. Defy fear and deliver with confidence.

Say the words. Make the gestures in the theater of your mind.

Why is this effective? Our imagination is very powerful and affects how we feel. By mentally putting our-self in the future situation, it will help prepare us.

The pros and world champions of public speaking all use this with good results.

You can use this to boost your conversation confidence. Do you have an interview? Play it through in your mind. Going on a date-practice some questions and topics beforehand. It works.

Public speaking fear and nervousness are like shackles to many people. Don't be like most. Say no to anxiety and yes to speaking confidence by preparing with these tips. Do it and it will help you overcome public speaking anxiety.