Just this morning I was reading a book called Crush it. The author was talking about being open and honest with your audience. That influenced me to write this.

The truth about business and seeking your passion
1) It is not easy

2) It takes a lot of time

3) It takes a LOT of hard work and perseverance 
Some business guru's and books make it sound so uncomplicated. Just do this and that and you'll be successful. Follow steps one, two, three, and boom you will have miraculously arrived.
I know from myself and various close friends of mine, all of which are also going hard after life trying to live  significant lives and make a difference, that it does not always go the way we think. And it sure isn't easy. There will be hindrances along the way.
Many people talk only of their successes. Yet, it's in the failures that we learn and grow the most.
It is in the journey of struggles that we grow and become the people we need to be to manage the vision that is in our heart.
I have failed...many times. I have been refused from investors, lost business competitions, failed ideas, to name a few. I would love to say that I never let any of that stop me. But that's not true.
There was a period I definitely remember when I let the discouragement of failure beat me. 
I was working hard trying to build this social business company. Through a connection / mentor I was able to set up a meeting with two top executives of a large company. My meeting was to pitch them for our company as a consultant, coming in to work on helping them integrate strategic social impact into their company. 

Long story short, they did not share the same value of making a difference with the poor as I do.
I was exceedingly discouraged. I let the failure rule me. It was at a time when we desperately needed some breakthrough. I walked in the door and my wife said she could see defeat on me, which is not normal for me.
To be honest, it took me months to shake off that defeat.

The failures have grown me

The exciting reality that I've learned as I have been thinking about some of the defeats and failures is that they aren't really failures if you learn and grow from them. They are part of the adventure. They have grown me in ways I never could have dreamed. 

There is a great quote that is incredibly inspiring from the bible, "He works all things together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose."

I would not be where I am today without having gone through the learning experiences of my failures. I know that they are shaping me to handle the huge dream in my heart.
 6 Ways to overcome discouragement and failures:

1) Get around a like minded community

2) Find some mentors who are successful

3) Read about other successful people to get inspired by their stories

4) Determine to NEVER give up

5) Stay Focused don't let discouragement get you off track

6) Spend some time thinking and writing out the purpose behind your vision 

These are some things that have helped me after periods of discouragements and failures.
I hope it helps you.
I would love to hear some of your stories so others can benefit from what you've learned.

Have you had failures that took you off course?
How did you handle it?
What advice would you give to others?