One of the most difficult things people have to over overcome in their lifetime is the fear of failure. Fear of failure leads many people to either freeze up in life or at least not pursue new opportunities that interest them because they worry about failing. Who cares if you fail because you need to remember that you will only live once here on Earth.

There are so many amazing things you can do with your life if you will open up your mind and be willing to take some chances and try new things. If there has been something you want to do then go ahead and do it because no matter what happens, you will die one day.

If you are very successful in life you will die one day and if you are a complete failure you will die. The only true failures in life are those who do not ever risk anything to get what they want. So you have a nice job that pays your bills, but you have always wanted to be an Archeologist? Would you be willing to risk everything you have built-up so that you can go back to school and get your degree and a job in the Archeology field?

Many people will not do this and towards the end of their life they regret not doing this and many other things. Don’t die as one of those people who wish they did not have so many regrets. If you try and fail then at least you can die without having to wonder “What If”.

It is vital that you overcome your fear of failure. Most highly successful businessmen have failed numerous times. Successful businessmen will take a look at their failures and treat them as a learning experience. If you try something and fail then use it as a springboard to help you bounce back better than ever.

Successful people rarely go with the grind of normal life. If you work a ho-hum job that makes you feel ho-hum and you are constantly daydreaming of doing something else then make a plan on how you can do it and then everyday make it your priority to work towards this goal.

We can do so much on this life yet many of us will never realize their dreams because we were afraid. We were afraid we would not be successful. We were afraid that if we failed we might look like idiots to our friends and family. We failed to take action because we listened to nay-sayers who are always criticizing our every move. Kentucky Fried Chicken never would have started if Colonel Sanders had listen to all of his nay-sayers who told him he could not do things.

Many of us look at our dreams as impossible to achieve; however successful people look at their dreams and begin trying to figure out the best plan in order for them to achieve this goal. Successful people are open to honest criticism, but they also know when to ignore the nay-sayers and move forward in their life.

3 failures are better than someone who has never had the courage to risk anything. If you never aspire to be something in life then you never will be something. What if Neil Armstrong had been afraid to pursue his dreams of flying? He never would have got the chance to walk on the moon. Neil Armstrong aimed his goals high and ended up even higher. He started off simply wanting to be a pilot and eventually he was able to raise the bar even higher by becoming a part of the astronaut program and flying to and landing on the Moon. If he had never pursued his initial dream of wanting to be a pilot then Neil Armstrong may have ended up owing and running a Taste Freeze fast food restaurant in a little town.

Maybe your goals are not as high as aiming for a moon landing, but no matter what your goals are you will achieve much more than you ever thought possible. The key is to be able to focus on your initial dream and follow through with the goal until you achieve it.

If you never follow thru with your goals then you will never make any progress. Instead of having a cool job you will end up bagging groceries at a grocery store when you are an old man. Grab life by the balls and do something. If you feel like you are a loser then you are a loser. You need to get out of that mind-set and that can be done by actually pursing some goals. If you begin college so you can get a degree and a better paying job then you may no longer consider yourself a loser. You are pretty much in the same boat as you were before except now you are actually registered and enrolled in college so you can finally start working towards your personal goals. If this helps you to not feel like a loser then your self-confidence will skyrocket and you can begin to achieve success in many ways you may not have ever imagined possible.

A journey of a million miles begins with a single step; however if you struggle to tie your shoes then you will never advance in life.  Now is the time to becoem successful.

If you are tired of where you are in life then now is the time to change everything. Quit making excuses and start changing your life right now. Stand up from your computer screen, walk outside, and go punch that neighbor that you hate. It probably is not the right thing to do and you might end up in jail but today is the day that you take your life back and begin making progress towards success. Don’t actually hit your neighbor, but do demand that he gives you your power tools back that you loaned him so you can start building your future.