Relieve Stress and Burnout the Natural Way


Most of us have experienced situations like this: Daily deadline pressure, constant availability by email, mobile-phone and other electronic media, dozens of phone calls, meetings, preparations for the next business-trip, and at home you would like to devote yourself wholeheartedly to your family and their needs. This is not a description of a day in the life of a top manager, but all too often a completely normal every day life. No wonder more and more people complain of stress symptoms - the so-called burnout.

The most common characteristics of burnout are physical and emotional exhaustion, lasting loss of performance and lack of energy, poor concentration, failure to observe individual needs, mood swings, and the inability to recover substantially.

At first a state of exhaustion is a completely normal reaction of our body and mind. All too often, however, the early warning signals are ignored, and the over-exploitation of the body and mind are continued. Chronically, this weakens the immune- and vascular system and it is not uncommon for a total collapse to be the result. The batteries can not recharge, despite relaxing activities, the person affected feels constantly weak, listless, irritable and over-loaded.

From the Ayurvedic perspective, the term "burnout" stands for a condition in which the body-fire “Agni” is extinguished. Consequently, the resulting shortages on the energetic and substantial level lead to a severe lack of physical and mental well-being. Although the word "stress" was unknown in the Ayurvedic terminology 5,000 years ago, the symptoms certainly were not:

    * Nervousness
    * Weakness
    * Dryness and roughness of the tissues
    * Breathing difficulties
    * Palpitation
    * Pressure or pain in the chest
    * Trembling
    * Sensitivity to noise
    * Fatigue
    * Lack of interest
    * Depression
      Ayurveda offers highly effective treatment options to counteract these symptoms with its holistic approach. "Burnout" does not consist of a single symptom against which one single therapy is prescribed. Rather, Ayurveda considers the whole person, his or her thinking, feelings, and the individual physical condition.

      Ayurveda offers a variety of ways out of this often seemingly hopeless situation:
      Special massages and Ayurvedic treatments help to relax and reduce stress. Individual dietary recommendations by the Ayurvedic doctors will rebuild the physical strength. Specific herbal remedies are tailored to each visitor according to his or her constitution. A variety of relaxation methods complete the optimal program for body, mind and soul and offer sustainable solutions to those suffering from burnout.

      Yoga and meditation will contribute to the spiritual relaxation. Regular training of the mind through meditation and yoga is one of the crucial factors to deal with stress and burden in the long term in order to cope better and to find new vitality and joy.

      Ayurveda requires not only a passive surrender to the soothing oil treatments from those suffering from burnout, but also some active participation in awareness-raising. Quite often, the reason why they are so stressed and exhausted is because they allow others to control their lives in the permanent attempt to meet outside expectations and by being perfectionists. Through the deep relaxation they experience during the Azurvedic cure, the mind is set free to explore different valuation models and new ideas. Thus, Ayurveda and the “time out” offer a unique chance to come to terms with oneself and to giving life a new direction.

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