Almost everyone has some kind of fear or phobia. This is just natural and you are not alone if you are scared of one thing or another. In fact you would not be human if something did not give you the creeps. It could be that they are petrified of snakes or spiders.

Say you are out camping and something creeps into your sleeping bag. That would cause a huge amount of fear to set in. Some people are dead scared against swimming in the ocean again after hearing of a recent shark attack that leaves them with constant nightmares. After “Jaws” was filmed, there were a couple of people who did not go near the beach for a couple of weeks or even months.

Then there are those people who have had a bad experience in a lift and swear they will never set foot inside of one again. Some people benefit from using the stairs no matter where there are, so this is not necessarily a bad thing if you think about it. There are millions of people who experience the fear of flying and some of them don’t even know it until they step onto a plane.

take off

Many nervous travelers step inside planes every day who have not yet overcome the fear of flying. This is a horrible process that they have to go through. Many of us wonder what the big deal with getting on a plane is. You will have to ask yourself about your own fear and deal with that issue first.  I know when I step onto a plane it is all part of the excitement of the trip, but unfortunately that is not the case with everyone.  Everyone has a reason to be afraid of something.

So what is it about flying that makes people so afraid?

Some of the fear comes from what might actually go wrong with the plane while it was taking off or in flight. There have been so many movies made about this, and for people who have this fear, it is best to stay away from all the media. You could picture someone sitting in their seat waiting anxiously. Even though they are already on a couple of tranquilizers and ordering G ‘n T’s to go with that, it still doesn’t help all that much.

Already thoughts of terror will start creeping into their mind. It takes much courage for someone to step on board a plane. If they could they would rather drive and postpone their trip, but of course this is not always possible. Many people will take some of the problem away with a dose of fear of flying medication that they will never forget at home.

How to Get Over the Fear of Flying

There are definitely ways to deal with every fear that we have and that is simply to face them head on. Of course this is not easy, but if someone is determined enough they will eventually see the light and overcoming the fear of flying will be in sight.

First of all let's have a look at the statistics

According to the Bureau of Safety Statistics, these are the transportation statistics for the average deaths that occur on an annual basis.

  • Cycling accidents -  1,000
  • Shooting accidents - 1,452
  • Medical complications - 3,000
  • Drownings - 5,000

Looking at the number of people who have died from 1982 up until 2010, we come to a gross figure of 3288. Are you still afraid of flying, or do you feel more comfortable in a car?

Fear of flying courses force people to deal with this problem in the most practical way. The success rate is massive. Classes are held at airports across the globe and have been helping people come to terms with this fear which so often takes the pleasure out of your vacation.

enjoy your flight

If you would like to attend one of these classes your local airport would be the best people to contact and from there they would give you the best contact information. These instructors are trained to give the advice so that people are able to travel with confidence, free from any flying anxiety.

Get Rid of Your Anxiety!

Anyone who is dealing with the fear of flying is also dealing with anxiety issues.

However, a good place to start is by learning about the flying process and how the aircraft works. If you can trust the pilot and the co-pilot, then you will be a lot better off.

People who are afraid of flying have a lot of concerns that other people really don't worry about. They think that the door is going to open, they are affected by any sign of bad weather, and when there is  a slight bump, they will start to panic.

These are questions that need to be dealt with before one takes off, because the mind can really start to race ahead of you.

For example, turbulence happens a lot of the time, but this is always under control. It may be worse in some areas depending on the air pressure and the weather pattern. Of course, someone who has these anxieties on a very bumpy ride will start to think the worse, but the pilot knows what he is doing and this is just normal.

A lot of people also fear that their plane is going to crash into another one in the air. However this is why we have air traffic control to combat a problem like this. In addition to this, there are also Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems on the plane, and this will tell the pilot how to adjust his path if needed. This may explain why the statistics are far less than any other disaster, such as those mentioned above.