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Overcoming Inertia


What is inertia. Why do we resist a change to it ? How does it affect personal growth?

The official explanation is Inertia is the resistance of an object to a change in its state of motion The object we will focus our discussion in this article are to investigate reasons of inertia in one's life and some methods to break free from the shackles of inertia in order to strive for prosperity.
Let's take the example of a running train. You have boarded a train and the train is moving at an average speed. Suddenly it halts or pushes the brake. What happens to you? You are thrown
out of your seat, isnt it?

Now let us relate this to life. Your life is going on normally. You have a decent job and a nice family to go back to. You are happy and with the rules of inertia, your state of happiness restraints you to look for a change, a change in life, a change in your state of affairs, a change in career, a change in your personals set of goals. This is really great and things can really be good for you, no questions. The only point to delve in here is are you stopping yourself to change and would wait till your state of inertia is broken due to soe influence from external agents?

These are difficult times for us as we all know. The economy, world over, is on recession, business are constricting and contracting every day, new ways and methods are being tried by management for any excess cost cutting that they can adhere to, and layoffs have become the norm of the day. Where does each of us stand in this crucial period of many of ours career and personal life?

My very earnest suggestion at present and also in order to face the adverse effects in our lives, let us make a conscious decision to change, a change for better while there is still time. This would and can only add up to the quality of life that we are going through even if you disregard the role of money or wealth that this capitalist world is bending its back to achieve. Take this as your chance, and a lucky one, compared to hundreds or thousands of others to pull up your socks and look for creating more value and potential in yourself and your life. So if you are interested and are still reading on please find:

The Basic Methods of overcoming inertia:

Set realistic Goals:
I always loved music and can spend hours every day just to let it flow in my ears. I also love to sing and can do it moderately well. But I didn't decide to pick it up as a goal while I was contemplating a change in my career. The question is why? The answer is that I do not see it as a realistic goal for myself that I can pick it up or establish myself with in the next couple of years.I am not saying that it is impossible for me, what I am trying to point out is that given a particular time frame and a set of standards it looks very unrealistic to me.This is just as an illustrative example and may surely not be for you. So what you need to do is to draw up a small list of options that you have in order to upgrade your skills. A finance executive may go for a chartered course, a sales person can enroll or attend a workshop on rapport building, a businessman can take time off to study competitor products etc. So whatever you may be doing or your profession is, give it a thought and find out avenues in developing more to your skill or acumen. Take my word, it never goes to waste.

Understand your weaknesses
What more can I say. Take time to study yourself in a mirror. By this I do not mean to take stock of your looks. It means to understand the way you present yourself to others. Think on the situations where you were not able to express yourself properly. Think of those happenings where you felt you could have done a better job. Understand where you have let yourself done. What would someone else, whom you admire, probably have done in place of yo under the same circumstances. Think positively on how you can plug in the hole in your achievements. The fact is that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Remeber that 'A mistake understood is a mistake half solved'.

Be positive
This is one of the most important sentence you would be coming across in all management techniques of this genre. 'Be positive'. Believe that the There is no end to the benefits that you can receive following to these two simple words. A positive mind automatically reflects in your attitudes, your behaviour, the way you react to situations. Visualize success in each and every thing you do. It starts to build in the momentum for you. It starts to attune your mind to react the way you have dreamt of reacting.Recognize success as a state of the mind, as an attitude. your whole being, the mind the body and the psyche all works towards the dream or the positive sequence that you had envisaged before actually achieving it.

Believe in yourself.

This has been one of the biggest obstacles to break out of the inertia state. It is that little chink in the armour which ultimately kills the soldier. You have to believe in yoursel first and then can only others start believing in you. A leader is the on who leads, and in leading he believes that he has the ability to take decisions that would be fruitful and in accordance with the benefit of his whole team. The whole team also has the same faith in their leader and thus follows him. Similarly for yo, once you start believing in yourself to have the ability, determination and attitude to do a certain activity or choose a certain level in life, it starts reflecting in the actions you do and how it affects others around you.

Break your routine :

Break that routine you have so meticulously planned for your daily life. Get up earlier, keep aside some time for your own self. Use this time to think over your daily life, your family, their well beings, your medium term goals. Ask yourself whether you can do something more for your own self and your family. Can yo use your time more productively? It might not be an easy job, and would probably ned a lot of consciuos decision making and effort from your part; but as the saying goes : 'if the going gets easy, you probably are going Downhill'


Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is the suicidal feeling of getting ready to do things later. It might be that you needed to find out a better home for yo, and the process of finding it starts with fixing up a meeting with a local agent. It maybe that for the last two months you are deferring it to the next weekend and then the next. This never ending loop is not only deferring your chances of moving into a better home, but it also does not remove itself from your mind in all these last two months. You keep thinking of making the move this weekend, and still do not take the necessary action. The state of inertia keeps you bonded and prevents you to make your move. What do you really need to begin your activity? Leaking pipes perhaps ?? :)

This is where you need to plug in. Do it today , better now. Phone up and fix an appointment. It sometimes helps to announce it to your immediate family or circle of a work that you have decided to begin. Sometimes the discomfort of facing these people makes you break from your state of inertia and face life on, proactively positively.

Remember that 'One who lacks courage to start has already finished.'

Things You Will Need

A Pen and a Pad

Thanks for keeping with me. Now its time for you to make that break.

All the best !!!

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2009-06-11 7:50pm PDT
Interesting thoughts on inertia. Thanks for sharing!

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2009-06-17 2:10am PDT
Thanks Izzy. Hope you liked it. Regards, Samit

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2009-09-26 3:45am PDT
Excellent info that can benefit all who read.

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