Writing StressCredit: Flickr/Dave-FLack of confidence when writing articles is very common among newer writers. One of the best ways to get around a lack of confidence in writing articles is to write for a website such as InfoBarrel. InfoBarrel is a friendly community and you will begin to feel real comfortable writing here. Although there quality standards that need to be adhered to, you will not get ridiculed or attacked if you write and publish an article that is not up to par.

Quality of articles is important, as is the interest level of the article. Writers on here who consistently write at a high level of quality and keep their articles interesting to the reader seem to get more hits on average per article then someone who simply writes generic and bland content that is designed to suck in search engine traffic.

Do not let these elite writers such as VicDillinger keep you from writing articles. Do not feel intimidated. The best way to get your feet wet is by jumping headfirst off of the diving board into the water. If you feel some lack of confidence in writing, here are some tips to help get you writing and publishing your articles.

Write What You Know

Everybody is an expert at something. Maybe you have had numerous bad relationships and can write some articles offering awesome dating advice. Maybe you were homeschooled until high school when you joined a regular public school. You could write about the benefits of home schooling vs. public schooling. Maybe you were a drug addict and then became clean. Regardless of how much or how little education you have, you will always be able to find your area of expertise that you can write on.

Once you develop your skills you can branch out and do research to write about new topics, but if you are feeling intimidated then stick to topics you thoroughly understand until you build up your self confidence to a higher level.


Positive comments are often a great way for new writers to get over their fear and intimidation of writing. Even if it is just your mom posting positive comments on your article it can have a huge psychological effect on some people.

Controversy and Negative Comments

Once you get established and no longer feel intimidated about writing and publishing articles you will look forward to the negative and controversial comments. Initially I hated any negative comments, but I have since learned that if an article comment can spark controversy, it can also increase your traffic. The more traffic you get, the more money you can earn.

If I write an article about say the “10 Best Spots to Travel for Biblical History”, someone might make a comment such as “I am an Atheist and the Bible is fiction”. Other people may get offended and want to rebuke this comment by posting their own comments debating about the Bible vs. Atheism. This tends to build traffic up by people repeatedly visiting the comments to see what the current conversation is, as well as driving additional traffic from the search engines with all of the “free content” that your comment section is getting. This technique tends to work much better on a blog as opposed to InfoBarrel. Any publicity is good publicity, even if it is negative comments.

Article Layout and Planning

Come up with your own article template and then simply fill in the blanks. You article template may look something like this:

  • Intro
  • Body Paragraph 1
  • Body Paragraph 2
  • Conclusion

There are numerous article writing templates available online. You can also buy a deck of playing cards that on each card has a new style of an article layout template for you to use. $25.00 may seem like a lot for a deck of cards, but it has really helped me. You don’t have to use the cards because there are countless article writing templates available online for free.

Write Write Write

The best way to get over any intimidation or fear that you may feel about writing and publishing articles is to simply write write and write. When you are done writing write some more. Write everyday and all of your fears and intimidation of writing articles will vanish. If you write enough you can be on your way to earning $5,000 a month with InfoBarrel.