Overcoming Painkiller Addiction and Avoiding Addictive Medications

Ending Painkiller Addiction

Painkillers are quickly becoming one of the most frequently abused drugs in America, and painkiller addiction is common. Painkillers such as Lortab, OxyCotin, and Percocet are often prescribed by a physician to treat moderate to severe pain. A prescription may be obtained after the birth of a baby, an auto accident, a broken bone, or some people may receive these painkillers on a monthly basis due to a medical condition. What starts off as a simple way to combat pain can quickly turn into a addiction as the euphoria or "high" feeling is enjoyed by the user.

The addiction can turn you into a person that you no longer know; you may not like who you have became. Once there is an addiction, you may do things you usually would not in order to get more of the drug. As your tolerance to the painkiller increases, you will find the need for more and more of the drug to achieve the same feeling of high. You may sale your personal belongings to support your habit, or even steal from others to obtain money. When you have had enough, it is time to get help and end the painkiller addiction.

When you are ready to break free from addiction, there is help waiting for you in a number of sources. It will be hard, but you can learn to enjoy life again without painkillers. It is the chance at life again, and rebuilding torn relationships. In patient treatment is the best, and can help you not only break the addiction, but learn how to cope without painkillers as well. Most rehabilitation centers require a minimum 30 day stay, but the amount of time you must stay is dependent on the addiction. It is a short time to give in order to receive life and overcome painkiller addiction.

If you have been to rehab several time only to use a short time after you got home then in my opinion its time to do something different. If you are tired of relapsing time after time then my suggestion to is to go to long term rehab. If you do not you are something bad is going to happen I do not know what but it has been my experience that bad things happen to folks who continue to use. One thing I can tell you for sure the only way your addiction is going to get any better is if you stop using painkillers.

How to overcome painkiller addiction

Long term drug rehab generally runs from 6 months to 2 years. When I went I went for the full 2 years. Just remember some of us are sicker than others and I was on sick slick dope fiend. But in the end my ass was tore up from the floor up. I was so broke down and sick and looked like someone had stuck a vacuum up my but and sucked all the life out of me.

In long term rehab you will live on the premises. The one I was in you were required to work or go to school I opted for the school and I am glad I did because I am currently getting close graduating with a Bachelors degree in Social Work. If you stop using drugs you can become the person you only dreamed of being. Why not stop today. Life is worth living and I know you can do it.