Anyone suffering from panic attacks and anxiety disorders knows that they can, and often are, totally debilitating. Social anxiety disorders often take over you life, leaving you in fear of regaining your normal activities and wondering just how you should try to manage your disease. Is medication best? Do nontraditional cures for panic attacks work? Where should you go for natural treatments for anxiety? The list of questions is as long as the potential pitfalls of letting the disorder overtake your life. Most of us facing this problem find it too overwhelming to even begin to look for answers, much less make a choice on an appropriate treatment.

What should you do when panic disorders start to destroy your quality of life? My answer was to consult my physician. Little did I know it would eventually not be the right answer for my situation. I left my doctor's office with a prescription for Zannex.

Even at a low dose, I eventually found that the drugs were making me depressed. The anxiety and panic attacks were greatly improved; however, the rest of my quality of life was decreased. Not such a great solution to living with an anxiety disorder in my book. I made another appointment and was told to stay on the medication. They would add an antidepressant if necessary to alleviate the depression symptoms.

What followed was two years of torture. Medication after medication was tried, yet my condition worsened. Now, I want to say right here, that you should not fail to consult your doctor. Psychiatric care is a necessity when trying to deal with any type of situation beyond our knowledge base. If they do not help you, or your condition worsens, get another opinion and be sure to do your own research on your condition. Know what you are getting yourself into and ask questions if the answers do not add up.

In my case, this was nearly 12 years ago, there was not nearly the information available a there is now online. What I did not know was that there was a whole host of other options available to treat my condition that I would have tried first, before the risks of medication. As a patient I have the right to be informed of all reasonable options and so do you. We get the right to say what will be done or not done to our bodies and we deserve to be well informed to make those decisions.

What finally helped me to overcome my panic attacks and anxiety? Curiously enough, it was what I learned about the cycle of anxiety and panic attacks and how it affects the body physiologically. In order to stop your panic attacks you will need to deprogram the trigger from the physiology. Strangely enough, once I went through the process of starting to separate the trigger from the physiologic reaction I was able to have less anxiety over the actual fear of having a full blown episode. Eventually, I came to not fear that a full blown panic attack would come, and that I could handle it well if it did. With less anxiety and fear, I started to have fewer panic attacks and with a lot less severity than ever before. I would not call myself cured of either panic attacks or anxiety, but I would say that I have a powerful tool either without or in addition to medication should it ever become necessary again.

Is there a cure for anxiety and panic attacks? Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are interesting in that you never really get cured from them. Rather you learn how to manage and live with them. Medication or not, these two much related disorders are treatable.