I think overcoming procrastination is a big omnipresent issue for all of us so I came up with what I noticed to be beneficial in this area for me. I will give you 3 very effective Techniques - which are also easy to implement and more than that one of them is also incredibly rewarding. Either overcoming procrastination is or not a challenge for you – pay close attention because you will find for sure interesting things below.

Overcoming Procrastination - 1st of 3 Effective Techniques

One very effective Technique I come across is to "fool" yourself by stating that you're gone to work on your project just for the next 5 minutes. That's all. Try it! You'll see that most often than not you will sit there working at your project for more than 5 minutes and sometimes even till you finish the work (ideally!). That's it! Use it as often as you need and then come back and give some feedback.

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Overcoming Procrastination - 2nd of 3 Effective Techniques

The second one that I only want to notice here is about using some external tools to help you along the way. There are some great software tools (time management software) specially designed to help you keep your schedule when working on your computer. Yes, you have to make one schedule first! This time I will only notice this without developing the subject further because it is a very valuable way to go and I plan to return on this subject in an article to address it in further detail.

Overcoming Procrastination - 3rd of 3 Effective Techniques

In this particular article I want to detail this great idea I come across recently which is to subscribe to a contest. Make from your project an exciting adventure and also win some worthy prizes down the road. Pick/search for that contest that fits better to your particular project requests and take the challenge. If you are serious about your project then you will most probably win the contest or finish in the first 5 or 10. This will give you more advantages such as an increased visibility, a great opportunity to brand yourself and also some other interesting proposal from the owner of the contest. And the advantage of using this approach did not end here. I did not mention the support you give and receive from others implied in the contest and the friends you could make meanwhile. So not only will you finish your project but it will be known from the start having all other contest followers staring at your results. If you wonder what else is up for you in here the answer is -> there is more.

Lets take a real and close example of the past 2 winners of some 2009 Infobarrel contests: Howie & Jason . They took the challenge further far beyond the monthly contests they win and use the gaining experience in order to create a product of their own which is the "InfoBarrelSuccess". Now that is really huge. Did you get it? They caught their momentum in order to build even more and then convert it into a money flow. A lot of work was involved for sure but I think the price was worth it when you also think that their start up costs were clearly zero! Now I think this is a real blueprint for starting a project and monetize it which is very affordable and also easy to duplicate in many niches. And if you do not succeed at one particular contest for sure you will know more things about your project after participating. All over the internet there are hundreds of contests going on continually so do you a favor. Learn what worked and what did not work and move forward towards the next great contest. A new wonderful opportunity waits for you.

There are plenty of contests going on in the internet online marketing world. You could see part of them in the list below or you could find more by searching the internet. I am sure that you will find something that is challenging and more important - it fit exactly on your project! Let say your project is to start a blog. Then you will find contest that rewards you exactly for this particular task. What else have you to pay attention for? I would say to the contest time structure. If it is too tight, maybe it's difficult to keep up with the tasks. Choose one to meet your agenda. And maybe that is the one you need because you're in a hurry with it.

So to summarize these are the things you want to evaluate before engaging in a contest in order to win the big prize:

  • the target of the contest is very close if not EXACTLY the same as your project
  • the contest timing is right for you
  • the entry cost in the contest is affordable (some are free and some are paid - usually small amounts)
  • it has a good amount of active participants
  • it provides you with good content and support along the way.

I intended to add an extensive list of contests going on - but as I write the article I figured out that it will be a perfect subject for another great article. Here I will mention only 2: "The SiteFling 90 Day Challenge" (http://sitefling.com/blog/announcing-the-sitefling-90-day-challenge/) and "The Challenge" (http://challenge.co) - both free.

The first one is the "90 day challenge" and as the title suggests is a structure during a period of 90 days. As the tasks are posted on the site as daily blog post you could easily watch them all along with all the comments, questions and responses out there. The challenge is to build and monetize a blog in an appropriate chosen niche. I came across it first and indirectly from there I arrived for my first time at InfoBarrel and then decided to write for Infobarrel. What I liked at this particular contest is its transparency and also the Q&A section that forms the content of an entire post every Wednesday. It is true that this particular contest already ended but first of all I know for sure that Justin Brooke - the owner of the site is a huge fan of running contests - so if you go there maybe you will find something else going on - at the time you will read this article. And second - the content of the contest mentioned here is still on his blog - so for all those interested in building and monetizing a blog - I am sure you will find great content there.

Another great contest I want to mention here is called "The Challenge". It seems to be a very good one to "learn about Internet Marketing and get started building a profitable online business even if you have no time, no money or haven't got a clue on how to get started on the Internet". I am definitely planning to give it also a closer look.

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