Overcoming Speakers Block can be very difficult for a lot of people. Speaking to a group is easy for some people but many others will struggle with this. Some people will find it much easier to learn how to speak Spanish fast as opposed to speaking to a group. Here are some tips to help you overcome your writers block.

Talk on Subjects you are familiar with

You may have a speech class you are required to take for school. If you get the chance to choose the topic it can make it much easier for you. Instead of choosing a strange topic or a topic that you are interested in but not very familiar with you should instead choose a topic that you are very familiar with. If you love to work on cars and know how to work on cars then you will do much better a public speaking if you are talking about car mechanics instead of doing a speech on a topic you are not familiar with such as the artificial insemination of goats.

Join Toastmasters

A group such as Toastmasters will definitely be able to help you to improve your public speaking ability and improve your confidence. You will go from a shy unconfident follower to a strong confident leader. If you actively participate in toastmasters it can truly be a life changing event for you.

Start With Small Groups

Most people will find it much easier to speak in front of smaller groups then larger groups. Speaking to a room of 26 coworkers is going to be much easier then speaking at a conference in front of thousands of people. Once you begin to speak at huge groups the smaller groups will seem very easy to speak at for you.

Go First

If you have a speech class you are taking in college or high school then volunteer to go first. Almost everybody is scared and nervous to give their speech. You are scared too but I promise you that if you go first you will enjoy your speech class much more. Once you give your speech you can then sit back and relax while you get too watch everybody else being nervous and scared. You will alleviate a lot of stress and pressure if you simply volunteer to go first and get your speech over with. This will also help to show that you are a leader and not a follower.

Crack Jokes

If you crack jokes and be upfront with people in the audience it can make it much easier for you to give the speech and it could even make it interesting and amusing for the audience. An example of this is if you are nervous and your legs begin to shake then crack a joke about how you are nervous and your knees keep knocking and then over exaggerate the legs shaking. This could make the audience laugh a little and help you to lighten up mentally and feel more comfortable giving the rest of your speech.

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