If you’re anything like my house then there are literally dozens of gadgets connecting to the internet wirelessly at any one time. In my house, for example, I have a sky broadband and phone deal which means I have a wireless router and a wireless phone. So that’s two. Then there is a PlayStation 3, two kindles, a tablet, all our mobile phones, a laptop, desktop and a partridge in a pear tree.

Now maybe my house is slightly unusual for wireless gadgets but I can imagine that loads of you have at least 3 or 4 gadgets and computers either connected to your wireless network or connected to a mobile network etc.

Now undoubtedly when you’ve got this much running through your systems you find that your wireless signal gets a little shaky from time to time. This is an absolute pain in the backside. Mine got so bad that I couldn’t watch a YouTube video without things going haywire. So with that in mind I decided to make some changes.

Step 1 – Getting a more powerful router

ALL and I mean ALL of the routers you get with your broadband deals tend to be lousy. They are just not designed to deal with massive amounts of interference. So the first thing I did was change my router. I spend £150 on a top of the line router. Installed it no problems added the additional security options and saw a massive boost in signal strength. Job done? Well not quite as there was still a lot of interference when our household was using more than 4 gadgets at a time.

Step 2 – Going Wired

Yes it seems counterintuitive but the reality is that going wired is HEAVENLY. I think we all just assume that because we have wireless that we need to use it. Ok having wires trailing around your house is an absolute pain but the benefits are huge. So I wired up my office computer straight into the router and hey presto no more signal problems and a much better speed.

Now I could have wired up a few more of my gadgets and trailed some cables through the house to get some more stability but I couldn’t be bothered. However, if you want to do this it’s really worth the effort. The wires themselves are relatively cheap and you can buy small pin nail tacks that hold the wire in place with a little clip (for about £5/100). This means you can actually have the wires unobtrusively around the house. I will get around to this soon when I have the time!

Step 3 – Replacing Wires

Thankfully I didn’t have to do this but I planned to if none of the other steps solved my issues. Basically a lot of phone lines haven’t been replaced since they were put in. This means they could have had up to 30 years of wear and tear. So you can get a technician from either your broadband provider or locally to come in strip out and replace your wires. At the same time it’s worth replacing the filters on your actual connection as well.


Congratulations you’ll now have a tech mecca with everything working beautifully. Enjoy.