Even with 150+ article titles as a starting point, there are some days I cannot seem to write. It seems there is something real about this writer's block theory. Forced writing on these occasions produce very drab and dull writings. Taking avenues to break the barrier can help at these times.





Go for a walk. The fresh air will clear your mind and make it easier to organize your thoughts. This really does help to drum up ideas and give you a better outlook. There are times your mind may be burned out and you just need a break. It will relax you and help to distress you as this may be the cause of your writer's block.



Feed your body well. When you take care of your body, you are feeding your mind as well. If you are not eating properly, this will affect everything in your life. Your writing will suffer or not be as good as it should. Proper nutrition will help you overcome writer's block if that is an issue.







To boost your energy take mental alertness herbs. Lack of energy can deplete our minds and make them sluggish. To remedy this with herbs try 100% green tea or Ginkgo. If you take this on a regular basis, I find it helps, although, circumstances may arise that may warrant another method. Using alternate methods at times may be necessary for overcoming writer's block.





Determine the best time of day that you are writing your best and most successful work. Everyone is different and we all have different times that our minds work better. Some writers may only do the best early in the morning, while others make be night owls. It may be that you don't even have a certain time of day or night. It's worth a try to determine if you do have a certain time that works better for you.





Even if you can't write, you can still prospect for it. When you have mental block even the good ideas look bad. They may look better when you over the hump of writers block, so write all your ideas down anyway. Do things that will help your present writing, like indexing your articles or blog postings. These are things you may get behind on while you're writing consistently and can help when things are at a standstill to generate more money.