The Dreaded Writers Block and Ways to Cure It

      For many, writers block rears its ugly head right. There may have been days upon days where one had something to write about. Be it fiction or non-fiction. No one is invulnerable to the dreaded writers block. Its always there, waiting to strike like a rattlesnake along the hiking trail. Except a rattlesnake gives a warning with its rattler whereas writers block just suddenly attacks without warning. Its bite might not be deadly enough to take a persons life, but its enough to rob them of their livelihood at least for the duration. It could be as short as a day or as long as a couple of years.

       There is hope however as long as one stops to think of something else besides writing and their writers block. Everyone gets burnt out at some point or another, no matter what their job or career may or may not entail. Even writers need a day or weekend off, or a vacation at a beach or something more thrilling like a pass to a theme park or a week out with a group of people to survive off nothing but the land. Sometimes it is simply a matter of not being constantly cooped up doing nothing but writing. One has to simply get out and enjoy life, have an adventure or two and who knows there might even be an article or a book in having done so. 

Ways to Overcome Writers Block

       In order to cure writers block, stop staring at a blank page on Microsoft Word, Open Office or whatever other writing program you're using. Drop the pen when you can't think of a single thing to write down on a piece of paper. Do however take a little notepad and pen with you wherever you go in case a sudden idea pops into your head.

      [1] Put on some music. Music helps one to relax and allows the tension to ebb out of one. Don't try and write while listening to music if it doesn't seem to be working. Just close your eyes and listen, or better yet, get up and dance. However you might want to save the dancing for the privacy of your own home. It can however get the blood pumping. Sometimes afterward or even during one might have a light bulb moment. Whether its just to write down a single sentence or even a single word, its something and can often be expanded on.

     [2] Get out of the house! Go enjoy a day at the lake or beach. Maybe take a stroll around the neighborhood. Enjoy a picnic at a park and people watch, pay attention to the flora and fauna. Sometimes an animal might do something funny that you'd like to write about. Like on days when one puts out their recycling bins to be picked up, a squirrel might find a Hershey syrup bottle or jar of peanut butter. After all, if one only has writing on the brain its going to burn them out, even if writing is their passion. Remember, even that which is good for us one can overdose on. Don't have a breakdown, because you weren't willing to live a little outside the house and away from the keyboard or notebook.

     [3] Throw a party or attend a party. Either way there is a lot to do and should keep you busy. Not only that it should be fun and once all is said and done there might even be something to write about out of it. Go ahead and write down small notes, but don't spend the entire time writing. Talk to people, dance and enjoy the venue and food. A party is a place where you party, not where you do work!

    [4] Spend time with your family members. If you have children make a game day on Mondays, a reading night on Wednesdays and a movie night on Fridays. Give them something to look forward to on Mondays when they have to return to school so they'll enjoy Monday's more. Give them and yourselves something to enjoy on Wednesdays together, whether its silently reading each others own books or taking turns reading the same book together. Remember a writer should also be reading, a lot. Particularly anything on the topic or genre they wish to write themselves. Friday nights should also be enjoyable and relaxing. Even if one doesn't have children, they should still be able to enjoy a movie night alone, with a significant other or with friends and family members. Just have fun and don't constantly think about writing. The ideas will come when one least expects it to and that's while doing things besides writing.

    [5] Go read other peoples articles and leave a comment. You're reading and reading is just as good as if you'd written something yourself. It might not bring in more income, but it might help to give you ideas or to at least unblock the dreaded writers block. Even the person who wrote that article or that book at one time or another probably had writers block themselves, or will at some point in the future.

    [6] Play a game on a social media site, pogo or one of the puzzles in the daily newspaper be it a crossword puzzle or Sudoku. It will help to enhance your thinking capabilities. Who knows, one of those games, particularly any that have to do with words might spark an idea. From a single word can sprout several other topics.

    [7] Make up your own list of things to do. Maybe a bucket list, or simply ideas on how to overcome your own writers block. It could be as simple as savoring a piece of chocolate or a beverage, but could also be as complicated as learning how to do something new like skydiving if one hasn't already done so. New experiences can often help one to recover from writers block, because its something to write about.

Things to Keep in Mind when it comes to Writers Block

       Just remember that when it comes to writers block, you are not alone. Everyone has or will have a moment when they're unable to put word to paper or to keyboard. It is important not to get frustrated, it wont help the writers block go away and may instead only make it worse. Find something else to do, preferably something you enjoy and return later to your pen or keyboard. You may just find that you have a ton more to write about and that the writers block you had earlier has disappeared.