As a songwriter myself, I know the feeling. You sit there on the couch and wanting to write a new song so badly, but nothing comes out. Well, there are lots of things you can do to overcome writer's block.

You could go for a walk, talk to a friend (conversations usually bring ideas) or a stranger, or just cook something. The easiest way is to get out of your head and relax. I know, I know, it's easy to say that but how to actually do it is a lot harder. That's why I have a little exercise which will help you get new ideas quickly and lots of them.

Got a minute?

If you are a songwriter, this should help you a lot. I know it helped me hundreds of times when I had no idea what to write about.

Just pull out a notebook or a piece of paper and write down 10 song titles in 1 minute. That's right, any title will do. That might be something you look at, something you hear, or any other weird idea you might have, jog it down.

At first that might seem easy, but 10 titles in 1 minute is a lot harder than you think. Plus, it gets harder at some point when you run out of ideas.

But that's the good thing about this exercise, you can do it anywhere, at the super market, at the gym, or at the office (during a break of course). Just write down 10 song titles within a minute and see whether you have more ideas to one of those titles.

Usually, while jogging down you already start exploring those ideas in your mind, and know one that has the potential to a full-length song.

Not just for songwriters

But even if you are a book author or a poet that exercise can work wonders.

Instead of getting 10 song titles in 1 minute, you could lay down 10 chapter ideas, 10 poet titles, 10 book titles, or whatever it is you want to write.

It doesn't always have to be 10 either. But it needs to get ideas flowing that's why 10 is a good place to start, because it's actually quite a lot, so you don't have the time to think about each one while writing them down.

I hope I could be of help to you. Until the next time.