One of the biggest fears many men have is approaching a woman they like. However in order to get that girl you really love, you must have the guts to initiate things. It very rarely happens that the woman makes the first move. Also it isn’t very hard to meet women. The thing that bothers the men the most is the fear or rejection. But it has to be noted that rejection seldom occurs, provided that you approach normally and not like a psycho. Nonetheless there are still men who have severe anxiety in meeting new women. The purpose of this article therefore is to provide some basic tips in overcoming that fear.


First of all realize that women too, can be very insecure. Some of them really want to meet you, but just don’t dare to approach you. Most of them see it as the job of the man to initiate things. Furthermore note that women in general are more friendly and soft than men. Men are often the ones crudely rejecting a woman. However, women are less likely to act in this sort of manner. They have no interest in rejecting you as hard as possible. Sure, some of them will not be attracted to you, but they still are open to a conversation with you.


Another problematic issue for guys is the so called opener. The best is to open as simply as possible. Just say something like: ‘Hi I am Robert, I just had to meet you.’ This is more than enough. Many men use flashy openers they read in magazines like Men’s Health, but this is rarely a good idea. Make sure that your opener is honest and integer, these are the only two criteria that really matter as far as openers concerned.

Goals & Reward

Set goals for yourself. Such as: Opening five women in one night when you go out. These sorts of goals stimulate you. If you succeed, reward yourself with whatever you like. Associate opening women with pleasure. After a while you will do it automatically, because it is truly fun.