The flu isn't exactly fun to have. Everyone has obviously had the flu, at one point in their lives. Sometimes different flu treatment is needed, depending what kind of flu symptoms you are suffering from. It's not a lot of fun sitting around, feeling like ill suffering from flu symptoms. The Flu is contagious and want to avoid getting the flu. You can simply do that by not sharing food utensils and washing your hand frequently. Specifically when you're using public objects. So I'll give some helpful tips.

Understand your flu symptoms. It's important to figure out what kind of flu you are suffering from. Virus flu symptoms will be of nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, chills, headaches and vomiting. Stomach flu refers to gastroenteritis, which leads to a virus that has caused this flu. 

Influenza differs from flu virus. Influenza comes from stuffy nose, a cold, along with headache, dizziness, and doesn't usually lead to vomiting or headache.

Eat chicken noodle soup. This is one of the best things to eat, when feeling sick. As a kid, when I was sick, nothing tasted as good, or made me feel better than old fashion chicken noodle soup. Highly recommended to eat, when dealing with the flu, or cold. It's especially great for those who have stomach problems, from some kind of illness. You need to eat something light like chicken noodle soup. Try drinking some hot green tea as well. Avoid sodas, smoking, alcohol, or eating anything heavy. You can try snacking on crackers. Just keep things light.

Drink a cold glass of water. It's good to keep yourself hydrated, when you have the flu. Get a cold glass of water, with ice in it. Take small sips, not gulps, and try to lay down a lot. When you suffer from flu symptoms, like vomiting, headaches, you want to obviously be laying down. Not working, or at school, just take it easy.

Take over the counter medicine. You can take something like tylenol, which can help when suffering from the flu. Other over the counter medicine can help as well. Have someone go to your local drug store, and pick up something like tylenol, or Aleve.

Go to your doctor. If you're suffering from severe case of the flu, then you might need something prescribed by your doctor, possibly a flu shot even. A better treatment for the flu might be needed, followed by an examination from your doctor.

Drink chamomile tea. Or drink green tea, since both are antibacterial and anti-viral. It helps eliminate inflammation and flu symptoms in the body. Also, applying a teaspoon of honey to you tea, which will help reduce flu symptoms as well. Honey can boost and protect the immune system.