I can't help but get a little giddy when it comes time for the holidays. Any holiday! The holidays are not only a good excuse to go shopping (because we all are little shopaholics inside), but also for spicing up your home and spending time with the family. Aside from the shopping, decorating is one of my favorite part of the holidays! All the days leading up to the holiday is almost as fun as the holiday itself. However, decorating for every single holiday has taken a toll on my garage space. Boxes and boxes of holiday decorations are situated where my car used to be. As I was rummaging through all those boxes of home decor to find the 4th of July decorations for this year, I came across a plain empty wreath that I put aside years ago. It didn't make the cut to be a front door wreath because it was plain, and just plain ugly. I didn't want to put it up on my door. All the wreaths on my block were colorful and exciting, and my wreath was just not. This is what I get for getting the cheap one at my local superstore. While I stood there regretting my purchase, I had a revelation! I have a box full of tiny bows and figurines. I can easily decorate my own wreath, for fractions of the cost of another wreath! All I needed was a little brain juice and creativity. With a little thinking power, I realized I had enough little bits and bobs from every holiday lying around where I can custom design a wreath suitable for every holiday. 

            Here are a few ideas I had. If you come up with any, please share them! For example, I realized that the tinsel from Christmas can also be used for St. Patrick's Day. Not to mention the green and white string lights. Come to think of it, clear or white string lights can be used for any holiday, or even every day! Used wrapping paper can become packing material for mailing fragile presents. Cobwebs from Halloween can be snow! Just don't forget to remove the little plastic spiders.

            Once you have all your little decorations gathered in one place, take a few hours out of your day to reorganize them. You should try to organize first by holiday. Ditch those cardboard boxes and invest in some plastic tubs. Nothing puts a bigger damper on your decorating than soaked though moldy boxes from an unexpected flood. Plastic tubs last a lot longer than cardboard and keeps bugs and water away. They are usually not very expensive and come in all sizes to fit your every storage need. 

            One last tip--try to buy multipurpose holiday decorations. I stumbled upon mine from a serendipitous purchase, but feel free to find any decorations that you can spruce up yourself. Aside from the wreath idea, you can also try to buy plain printed wrapping paper. That way,  you can use the same paper for Christmas or birthdays! Find a neutral pattern in which you can get away with using for any occasion. With a little creativity, we can save lots of space and money!