Destination Wedding Insurance

People who are looking for overseas wedding insurance, may or may not realize how absolutely important having this kind of insurance for a destination wedding is.

 Most people who get married consider wedding insurance to cover such things as a damaged wedding dress or even a ruined wedding cake, but overseas wedding insurance is needed more so for a destination wedding than for a wedding that happens a few miles away. So many things are much more unpredictable with an overseas wedding, including all the things that could cause for your wedding to be postponed including, weather, venue issues,  international vendor complications – imagine all the things that can happen to a local wedding, then multiply it by 20 or 30. Logistically often times, there just isn't the time and resources to manage international vendors the way you would at a domestic wedding. Getting married only a few miles away, still enables you to be hands on in a way that an international marriage ceremony doesn't allow for.

And consider the fact that a destination wedding can cost twice as much as domestic one. This is why this kind of insurance is needed, particularly since other cultural variables are also at play. Vendors all over the world work differently, many more may not have the same insurance coverage as a wedding vendor in your hometown. Destination wedding insurance covers everything that your vendor can't cover.

 Think of the cost of replacing or repairing a dress, when you've tried it on. And decide to do a trial run on a beach, and the dress gets damaged. The cost of replacement could be covered in a destination wedding. Also consider anything that happens overseas that could cause your wedding to be postponed. A caterer could suddenly go out of business or have a major fire, which would prevent them to provide services to you on your big day.

Now just think of all the huge costs you've already invested in including the cost of international airline tickets and other costly overseas coordination.

 Of course wedding insurance, isn't new at all. But destination wedding insurance adds a new layer of needs and requirements that you'd never consider in a domestic wedding. But still it's important to interview vendors carefully, ask them what insurance they already have. Many country insurance standards and requirements differ, so you'll need to ask what coverages they have. If you aren't comfortable with payout, if something occurs with a vendor, you may even want to seek coverage in addition to what the vendor says they have.


How much is Overseas Wedding Insurance?

 Overseas wedding insurance can start as low as $200 for up to $1,000,000 in coverage. But again, you'll want to make sure that your vendors do have coverage to determine what you'll need. And if there is coverage they carry that you don't feel comfortable, you may need to duplicate the coverage.

Things You Might Consider Covering in an Overseas Marriage Ceremony:

 Overseas Wedding InsuranceCredit:

  • Photography and Vidography
  • Band or DJ
  • Caterer
  • Wedding Planner
  • Venue
  • Dresses
  • Transportation
  • Florists

Remember that this kind of venue insurance doesn't cover a change of mind. So if the future bride or grown desides they no longer want to get married, your destination wedding insurance would not provide payout.

Overseas wedding insurance is necessary, though when planning a wedding abroad.