internet-communicationThe Internet has changed a lot for us. Since the World Wide Web has come into existence, right from shopping to business ventures, everything has changed. The entire market seems to have taken on a global personality and distances do not seem that big a deal anymore. It would not be wrong to say that communications have been most effected by the internet and right from a simple letter to a telephone call, everything has changed.

Let us see how the internet has facilitated in the field of communications:

Emails – Most of us have forgotten what writing a letter on a paper was like. Emails have become so popular that even commercial letters seem to be sent via the net. Not only are electronic mails super fast but are also efficient since no letter ever gets lost. What is better is that paper is conserved and this helps save trees. And of course the most tempting fact of e mail is that it is absolutely free. Indeed snail mail is no longer in the race it seems.

Phone calls – Overseas calls were rather dreaded before internet came into existence. These calls were very expensive and most of the time the sound quality was no good either. However, the net has changed all of this. There are options like Skype that allow one to make free phone calls from pc to pc and even software that will allow you to call from pc to phone at extremely low rates.

Chats – Of course the chat rooms are a huge invention of the internet. You can chat with friends and family and even see them via video conferencing without even spending a dime. This advantage is indeed attractive and is a huge reason why internet relationships have blossomed into weddings.

Social networks – Many of us have reconnected with friends from long gone years via social networks like Face book, Okurt, etc. The internet has played a huge role in not only reconnecting with these people but also communicating with them whenever one wishes. Right from pictures to even what's on your mind, everything can be shared via these services.

This is not to say that all is white in the internet world. The communication here does come with its fair share of SPAM and even fraud. The Internet is so vast that almost anyone can take on a fake identity and then disappear into thin air. All the same, there is no denying the fact that due to the advantages of the internet, the communication industry has gone forward by leaps and bounds.