Created in 2005, Jaybird is a company who specializes in earphones for sports. For a somewhat new company on the personal audio scene, they are already producing waves in the business thanks to their top quality products as well as modern design. They have also recently partnered with the USA Triathlon team. This means they're able to work first hand along with athletes to have quality input at the equipment that they create.

Jaybird provides a collection of regular earbuds, The Endorphin Rush and Tiger Eyes, as well as the Sportsband wireless earphones. But many of us here are all about the wireless comfort of Bluetooth earbuds, and Jaybird offers on this front too.

Especially made for active persons, the JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Buds are Jaybird's most current foray in the Bluetooth earbud scene. The very first thing that is instantly obvious regarding these kinds of earbuds is their compact size. A lot of the headphones that we've seen, even though small, remain quite bulky. Most require some form of over the ear hook to keep them in position or a heavy battery pack. Jaybird found a means to engineer these kinds of buds to fit in the tiniest form factor we have seen in a wireless pair.

The next thing you'll notice about the Freedom headphones would be the proprietary honey comb design ear pads. On the Jaybird internet site, they claim these types of cushions are motivated by the fog lamp grill of a sports vehicle. Aside from the aesthetic attractiveness, the cushions function a much more useful purpose, in order to keep the headphones securely in position. They truly do the trick too, through fitting along with the folds of your ear offer an ergonomically correct fit and ensuring the seal between the ear tips as well as your ear canal isn't damaged. To be sure they make this happen, the JF3's come with three sizes of ear cushions and three sizes of ear tips.

If that was not sufficient, the business sets itself aside by offering a lifetime guarantee from sweat damage. Since they're built to sweat in, this is a smart way for the company to stand by their merchandise.

How do they really sound? Fantastic! The headsets are specifically configured along with focus on the sub-bass, while cutting down the highs and mids. They say this minimizes listener fatigue with the volume flipped up high over very long periods of use.

The Jf3 earphones are somewhat expensive. Coming in at only below one hundred dollars, there are some of the most expensive wireless headphones out there. The price is justified because they're a sturdy and sleek, but you'll find less costly products out there that, while not as classy and comfy, will still get the task accomplished for much less.

Overall, these earbuds are a good purchase for active people who desire to have their own music mobility to a higher level.