The Pentax KX is a 12 megapixel DSLR aimed at entry level users, or those upgrading to a DSLR from a compact camera. Like previous entry level DSLR's from Pentax, the KX is simple to use, but is capable of producing top quality images. 

The KX offers a surprising number of features not normally associated with entry level DSLR's.  It has live view, video capture, dynamic range options and very good high ISO performance.  With shutter speeds of up to 1/6000 and commendable high speed performance, it gives some scope for the user to branch off into more specialised areas of photography.

The menu system is easy to use and will pose no problems once the user is familiar with it.  A function button on the rear of the camera offers simple access to various settings such as focus area, shutter speed, aperture settings and ISO settings.  One touch of the directional selector switch offers an easy way of changing your most frequently used settings.

The camera comes with a full complement of modes including fully automatic, landscapes, night scenes, portrait and beach.  If you are not confident using manual, shutter or aperture priority modes, then you will find a setting to suit your needs. 

The KX offers various filters and photo effects that can be applied in camera, eliminating the need for any post processing.  There is an HDR function if shooting jpeg images, which combines three images of the same scene, usually a correctly exposed shot, a slightly over exposed shot and a slightly under exposed shot, and produces an HDR image.   

The ISO performance of this camera is exceptional.  Even at an ISO of 1600, the digital noise in the resulting images is noticeably less than noise from some higher end DSLR's.  For low light work, the KX is a quality camera. 

Excellent in body image stabilisation assists users in avoiding camera shake which can result in blurry images.  This is useful if you are using older lenses, or lenses that do not incorporate their own stabilisation system.  Other entry level DSLR’s have no in body stabilisation, which, if required by the user, necessitates the purchase of an expensive lens which contains this feature.

 The KX produces nice images with the default settings, but tweaking these to your own personal taste and shooting in one of the two RAW modes, the picture quality can be significantly improved.  Combine this with a good quality lens and top quality photographs can be the result.

The camera is supplied with Pentax software which provides RAW file conversion and allows post processing of images.

The KX is powered by four AA batteries.  Lithium batteries are supplied with the camera and these last longer than the ordinary alkaline.  However, it is worth purchasing a set of rechargeable AA batteries.  The advantage of the AA’s is they are available almost anywhere, so you should be able to find replacements if needed quickly.

Although now superseded by a new model, the KX is still a great performing camera, packed with many options, that should serve you well for years to come.  Its ease of use and attractive price, especially now since the arrival of the new model,  make it a viable alternative to the more expensive compact and ‘super zoom’ cameras, with the bonus of a significant increase in image quality.