Ovo vegetarian diet protein sources do exist. There are many. In this article, I will discuss my personal favorite top 10 sources. Before I get to that, I wanted to tell you about a very funny comic strip I once saw about vegetarians and protein. Let me describe it to you:

There was this young fit person and an obese family. The young person was explaining to the obese family that he is vegetarian. They shrieked in horror and responded: "But how in the world do you get enough protein?". The irony of this funny little comic is hard to miss. That family did not know about these ovo vegetarian diet protein sources. Soon, you will.


Without further ado, here is my personal top 10 list of ovo vegetarian diet protein sources:


10. Let's talk about the most obvious one first: Eggs! A single egg has more than 5 g of protein in it... Let's not forget there are so many ways to cook an egg. Go wild with your eggs and include them in your diet.


9. Remember Popeye? How did he get all his power? That's right. Spinach! A cup of spinach has almost 10 g of protein in it. Do what Popeye did and power up on spinach every day if you can. It's also very good for you for a number of reasons that I won't discuss in this article. I like to eat it fresh. I simply add it to my salads. It's one of the ovo vegetarian diet protein sources that I eat every single day.


8. Meat substitutes! My personal favorite meat substitute is Seitan. It has a lot of protein jam-packed in small quantities. In other words, you do not need a lot of it to get your protein fix. Of course, you can look into others kinds of meat substitutes, but believe me, this one is literally all you need.


7. Peas! Peas are delicious and are exactly what we're looking for here. Healthy. Tasty. A really good choice overall. If you're curious, look for new pea recipes on the net and vary the way you eat them. My favorite peas are chick peas. They are one of the rare ovo vegetarian diet protein sources that has all 9 amino acids that your body needs.


6. Lentils! I absolutely love lentils. A family friend used to make this extraordinary lentil soup  and ever since I tried it, I was immediately hooked for life. It's really nutritious too. Add some red lentil soup to your life!


5. A potato! Surprisingly, a potato has a healthy dose of protein in it too. Almost 5 g per potato. It's a great food to add to your diet. Although this is not one of the ovo vegetarian diet protein sources that has all 9 amino acids, it has a lot of other minerals and vitamins that are essential to your body.


4. Beans. Beans can be added to almost anything. Think about it. Bean salad. Bean soup. Bean this. Bean that. You should take advantage of the versatility of beans and add them anywhere you can think of. Your body will be grateful.


3. Milk/dairy alternatives! My personal favorites are rice and almond milk. I'm not a big fan of soy milk however. If you have never tried rice or almond milk, do yourself a favor and go buy some as soon as possible! It's sooo good. You can thank me later.


2. Hemp products! I used to drink a hemp shake every single day and it was so tasty. It was sold at my local health food store so I'm sure you can find it in yours too. I didn't like their chocolate flavor but the mixed berries one was awesome. I cannot remember the name of the brand but you'll recognize it when you see it. I had it every single day for months. Just thinking about it makes me want to get some more now!




drumroll please!




1. Quinoa! Quinoa is my personal favorite one of these ovo vegetarian diet protein sources. I remember the first time I tried it, it was like a party in my mouth. The texture was so rich. I loved it!  It is another one of the few ovo vegetarian diet protein sources that has all 9 amino acids in it.