Owl Totem: The Secret WorldCredit: Avia Venefica (cc)Credit: Avia Venefica (cc)

The owl totem teaches the individuals it chooses  how to accept their significance and treasure it. Owl totem people learn how to work with the subtle paths that lead within.


Transitory Owl Totem

If owl is flagging you, you've reached a very sensitive time in your life. You might be standing at a crossroads looking at owl and unsure which way to choose. Bring up the visualization and see which way owl's beak is pointing. Based on meanings associated with the directions, you will gain a sense of what is needed most in your path at this time.

  • East  is air-related and connected to the mental plane. You may need to give your plans a lot of thought, lay blueprints, or communicate with a level-headed confidant.
  • South is water-related and connected to the emotional plane. Heed your feelings, and ensure you're getting enough rest, comfort, and time to recharge your battery. If you tend to push help away, owl may be telling you to “let the good in” that others are trying to share.
  • West is fire-related and connected to the spiritual/action realm. You may have spirit guides vying for your attention. Light a red candle to fend off the deceivers and call in protection. Note any urges or clear messages you receive during a meditation aimed at connecting with your guides. Follow your gut the first time it chimes in (and make sure you “know” it's your gut alerting you).
  • North is earth-related and connected to the material plane. Owl may be telling you to look over your resources or treasured items for a power symbol to carry with you. Pay attention to any messages that come to you from the land while you're traveling. Listen for Earth's shamanic family. They may be guiding you to a mission related to reuniting your consciousness with Mother Earth or warning you to avoid patches of quicksand that look sturdy but are essentially traps.


Lifelong Owl Totem

Owl totem natives learn early on that theirs is a somewhat solitary path. They are sensitive, and, at times, “picked at” by predatory forces which hardens them to the realities that come with realizing your life is ultimately in your own hands. Owl totem natives should get plenty of rest and trust their keen senses. They should strive to avoid bitterness but hone defense skills that will keep their vulnerable systems sustained and safe. Silver is a protective metal for them. Dream catchers are also helpful in keeping their dream realm clear and high-vibrating while they are sleeping.

Owl totem natives can have a calling that may not come until their early thirties or at a hard time in their lives. The calling is important to their evolution and something they will find themselves drawn to repeatedly (it will likely send quite a few reminders). These natives can be very loving and tender parents and children who care for their own guardians when they get older. They should be encouraged when they're young to learn about themselves by trying different things without fear. Owl totem natives thrive in a loving and supportive family environment. Such a placement will reveal what achingly beautiful people they truly have the capacity to be.