Owling is the latest social craze which is appearing to take the place of Planking. For those unaware, planking was the strange phenomenon occuring in all areas of the world; wherein an individual would lie down, face forward, like a "plank" in strange (and sometimes not so strange) locations. One could plank on a car, a house, on a high ledge, or even on the edge of a cliff. I am not certain what has inspired people into participating in these strange fads, however it is undeniable that we human beings at least like doing ridiculous and arbitrary things for no particular reason. I have never planked (or "owled") myself, nor do I have much of an intention to; yet I still find them funny and completely strange.

Let this be the bold headline and warning to you all who are getting into these strange physical sports (if we should go as far as calling them that). One can picture the weird world ahead of us consisting of Olympic games which we have never seen before. While this may undoubtedly be somewhat of an over-exaggeration, I do not personally think it would be very hard to believe. These are social crazes which have taken the world by storm (to be so cliche!). They are immensely popular and can be done by individuals from virtually any social, economic, gender, or age group. It is for this reason that I find it so intriguing. 


Like many other popular things in this world (American Idol, McDonalds, and so on), these physical phenomena will not last forever; however that is not to say that they cannot be enjoyed for the moments they exist. In the same way that fashion trends seem to ebb-and-flow, so do these newly found strange social trends. We may so easily recall other social trends that have occurred in some of our life times, like disco dancing. Except for in small, niche corners of the world; disco is all but a fleeting memory of our parents social interests. In so many ways, we must respect the nature of the societies we live in; because we are constantly developing new methods of entertainment; which often come at minimal to no price.

As dumb as planking and owling may inherently seem, there are plenty of people having a good time doing it. If we erased every "dumb" thing from this world, we would be living in a very dull place. So frequently we are sucked into the negatives of society, such as the war and deaths, to school shootings, to random acts of violence. Having these few social trends to latch onto reminds us that we are human, and that many of us simply desire a simple, good time.

So, if I may so well be the Earth's advisor, I would highly recommend that everyone "hide yo kids" and "hide yo wife" so you don't get raped by the negative aspects of society (LINK for those who, unfortunately, did not understand that joke).

Owling may take the place of Planking, if only for a little while; then some new trend will come along (We'll call the new one "Farting" so that will be socially accepted due to popular demand). This is the nature of how societies work. The strange, absurd little oddities that occasionally pop up are undeniably what makes life living for so many individuals. So, the next time you are out around your city, and randomly see someone owling; stop for a moment and say to yourself (preferably outloud), "I know what this is, and I want it to continue because it is amusing me; and will likely amuse many others."