There are many building projects you may take on as an owner builder. Of course you can constructor your ownhouse from the foundation to the roof. But it's also possible to embark on building projects in your current home in order to make sure it has everything you want.  It could be your kids have moved out of the house and you would like to fine-tune your home to better match your current way of life. Or you might have a new child coming and need to make more space.  Let's have a look at several of the projects you will be able to tackle as a possible owner builder.

Build Your Own House

This is usually the big project that takes a major committment of time. Is it possible for an average joe to be in charge of constructing their own unique new house? Sure they can. Any time we have been preaching about constructing your own home, we have been alluding to embracing the function of the contractor. Because you have complete control of the building project, you might also opt to do some of the physical work. But in general, owner builders spend most of their time managing subcontractors performing the tasks. This approach enables you to target the most important items including the budget, schedule, and quality control. Any time you construct your own house, there is a potential to save tens of 1000's of dollars.

Basement Finish

Finishing a lower level is the least expensive strategy to add more living space to your residence. If your existing house has an incomplete basement room already, you won't need to put in a concrete foundation or other structural elements as you would if building an addition or new house. You also save on the slab, foundation waterproofing, drainage system and siding. All you really need are a handful of framed walls, some insulation, electrical, HVAC ductwork and drywall and you're almost there. The remaining items are the typical final touches like tile flooring, wall paint, and doors and trim. Most people think this to be one of the easiest building projects for the DIY builder to take on. Provided that your basement is dry and it has no structural complications, you can take on the contractor role for your own personal project. Your lower basement level can be finished off for as little as 8-10 bucks per sq . ft .

Garage Area Finishing

Times have been difficult over the last four years in America and many individuals have moved in with family members to cut costs. One particular way to add living area to make room for loved ones is to complete garage space. One can leave the overhead garage doors installed as is and create a wall in front of the door. The average garage is roughly400-500 sq ft. This is plenty to create a one bedroom with living area. Finishing off your garage is a bit more costly than the basement as a heating system typically must be added. It is a fantastic project for the DIY builder to tackle when they get the building department involved before starting. A novice homeowner can finish off garage space for as little as 10 bucks per square foot.

Home Addition

A house addition is a fantastic method to add square footage when you have the needed space on the property to accomodate it. As a homeowner builder, you need to check with your local building department to see how much room you have in the building set backs before you start planning. Each city has restrictions called setbacks that tell you where you can and cannot build. A house addition is a touch more complex than a garage or basement finish in that it will require a complete structure to be created from the ground up. In many ways, a property addition could be more challenging compared to a new home build because you need to ensure the new and old structures line up correctly. The homeowner should hire an architect to help ensure the structures tie together accordingly. You could very well pay $50 to $100 per square foot for your new addition.

Attic Finish

This is often a fantastic way to add size to your home as long as your trusses will allow it. If you've got manufactured roof trusses, you will need members specifically made with open webs to allow for the living area. If you don't have this truss configuration, the expense can be far too much to make the project worth it. If you have standard rafters in the attic you may be alright. Be sure to get an architect involved at the beginning of the job to check. An attic which includes the appropriate framing in place may be finished for as little as twenty dollars per sq . ft . Be sure to remember to add in the expense and layout for the new stairs to the space.

These are just a few of the most popular projects owner builders take on. You will save serious money and get exactly what you want by taking on the general contractor role.