Teacup yorkies are derived from the Yorkshire terrier. The Yorkshire terrier was developed to rid homes and streets of unwanted rodents. The AKC started registering these dogs around the turn of the twentieth century as they became more popular.

The Yorkie has become extremely well accepted and is now one of the more sought after breeds. The Teacup Yorkie has the same lively, spunky personality as the full size animal. The Teacup is not considered a breed of its own. The Teacup Yorkie is the result of mating small Yorkies together.
These tiny puppies are known for being smart, animated, bold, and courageous. They socialize nicely with other dogs but are very zealous considering how small they are and will quickly attempt the authoritative role. Their brave little attitudes around big dogs can sometimes land them in hot water.
At times they demand a lot of attention but then may seek a quite place for a snooze. These fearless little Teacup Yorkies are very defensive of their human families. Their sensitive little ears serve them well and they will bark viciously at an intruder.

Here are some suggestions for caring for your Teacup Yorkies. The upkeep on these animals is a bit more than other dogs so locate a vet that you like. A physical checkup would be a good idea soon after your purchase. When your new puppy reaches eight weeks have your vet begin the recommended shots.
Your vet will probably want to continue vaccinations until the dog is around 16 weeks old.

Your veterinarian will want to examine your puppy's ears for any problems there. You will want to take your little dog in for some dental hygiene a few times per year.

Their bladders are tiny and will need to go outside more often than others. They are a little like a newborn baby in that they require frequent feeding. When feeding dry food you may have to moisten it to make it possible for him to eat. They should have nothing but puppy food for the first twelve months. Even when feeding treats bear in mind that they can not eat much at one time. One treat could be your little dog's lunch. Hand feeding with treats is fun but do not overdo it. Two or three teaspoons of food at once will be enough to nourish him. Always keep a bowl of fresh water nearby.

Teacup Yorkies have a pretty coat that needs a lot of grooming. Their fur grows almost as fast as human hair so frequent cutting will be necessary. If this is difficult for you it may become necessary to have it done professionally.

Hopefully these suggestions will indicate the extra commitment you will need to make to own one of these little dogs.