Blackberry 9700 is a Sexy phone


-Power house of a phone: I get almost continuous 3G speeds in New York City. It is not as widespread as AT&T's, but it works for me! I also don't get dropped calls or poor voice quality, which seems to plague AT&T.
-OS 5.0 warrants a much needed face lift: The interface is different but very similar. The new color theme coupled with the fact that it has a 624 mhz processor coupled with 3G network speeds; equates to a device that is sexy to look at and use.
-Its a Blackberry: And they are synonymous with texting, email, and picture messaging. And they do it well.


-Youtube: It will be amazing to see a blackberry device that can handle youtube video. Or it has some kind of dedicated Youtube video application that actually works. RIM needs to realize that youtube is an cultural phenomenon, and they will definitely see many successes if they can focus there attention on Youtube and media content.
-Blackberry App World: It needs more developers and applications. Enough said. The Blackberry 9700 has gotten a face lift; the Blackberry App World should follow suit.

Full Review

The Blackberry 9700 is truly a gem in itself. With a beautiful color display of 480X360 pixels that shows rich and saturated colors; to its intuitive icons and menus, a battery that is built for its 3G speeds, and at a light weight 4.30 ounces; there is no denying the fact that RIM (Research In Motion) have created a behemoth of a Blackberry device.

If you came upon this article, you are probably familiar with the thrills and shrills of the Blackberry 9700. It is truly a beautiful device inside and out. Nevertheless, this is not a review on the device itself, but this is a unique Blackberry 9700 review; a review by A current owner of the phone with a few months of usage under their belt. This is a road test of the Blackberry 9700 device.

I ordered my phone as a current upgrade to replace my Blackberry 8800 for the T-Mobile network. First of all let me note T-Mobile's customer service and shipping. They are both wonderful. They were very courteous and attentive when it comes to customer service. I had problems changing my current plan so that it can be compatible with the Blackberry 9700 and I was also in the middle of changing my phone plan all together; and they were very understanding and accommodating. They venerable for my time and subscription. And shipping took less than 3 days all together; including processing time. Enough said.

But you didn't come to read a review about T-Mobile and their (great) customer service. You came to this review to read about the Blackberry 9700. And you shall!

Blackberry OS & Interface
First of all, lets talk about the Blackberry 9700 interface and OS. The phone runs the newest Blackberry and it is completely revamped yet so very familiar. The OS warrants the phone with a much needed face lift. The 5.0 OS has a rather dark colored interface that gives it a touch of class and sophistication. Selecting menus feels intuitive and classy in itself in itself. One thing that I've noticed, is that the first 6 icons on the screen were customizable. And its customizable by clicking on the left button beside the green call button-thus opening up the screen with all your programs and menus-then moving around the icons-by pressing that button beside the call button again-and moving it on the top six slots. When you go back to the home screen, it will show the icons that you choose as your top six. This might be a small detail but an important one for the people who might be confused as to how to change the menus to your liking.

And can I also add that the processor is very fast? Everything is seamless. There is literally no lag when selecting and opening menus. Its a small detail, but one worth noting for the Blackberry power user.

Blackberry Music Player
I had an iTouch that recently broke. So I was stuck with the music player in the Blackberry 9700. It is known fact that the music player in Blackberries tend to be a bit haggard and sub-par. But I was pleasantly surprised. You can look up music by typing the letters of the song or artist; and the music with said letters will start appearing on the screen. Its very easy to use. I am actually considering using the music player in the Blackberry as my mainstay music media player.

T-Mobile 3G Speed
Lets talk about T-Mobile's 3G speeds. It is not as wide spread and as fast as AT&T 3G. But it is more reliable and there are fewer dropped calls. T-Mobile's 3G speed is enough for me. Internet is rather snappy and quick. I recommend you get the Opera Browser from the Blackberry App World. It is even more faster than the mainstay internet browser. Alas, I am also an avid Youtuber, and it seems that the browser and the available 3G network speeds is not sufficient enough to actively watch Youtube videos on the Blackberry 9700. Videos on Youtube tend to be a bit choppy and sometimes they don't work all together.

Keyboard and Track Pad
Do we need to talk about text, email, and mms in general? We all know that RIM and Blackberry are designed around those features. Nevertheless, they've effectively changed the way you text people. There is a IM-like interface, where it looks like you're IM'ng someone. Its visually pleasing and very intuitive. The keyboard is a bit tightly spaced, so people with bigger fingers might have a problem typing in this device. But the design is accommodating for most hands.

The trackpad is better than the trackball in my opinion. It is more accurate than the trackball, and there won't be a problem with dust and grime accumulating under your trackpad. Also, it is cheaper for RIM to manufacture the trackpad than the trackball. It creates a win-win situation!

Blackberry App World
Let's talk about Blackberry App world. It is the official blackberry store where you can purchase applications and games. When I had other Blackberry models, it seems like many of the applications and games were to technologically advanced for the phone. I am not a stranger of taking out the battery because my phone has frozen or locked up due to information overload. But the 9700 does not have this problem. The 624 MHz processor and 3G speeds creates a perfect synergy between downloading applications and seamlessly using them sans the lag or hangups.

Battery Life:
But with all these thrills and shrills; can the battery of the Blackberry 9700 hold up to such strenuous use? And the answer is ABSOLUTELY. The blackberry has one of the most efficient battery that I've seen on a smartphone, hands down. I tend to use Google Maps-which enables its GPS features-for 2 hours a day, use the music player for about an hour per day, enable its wifi for a few minutes a day, and still able to make phone calls that equate to an hour or so. And I still have more than half of its battery available. This is a amazing; doing the same on an iPhone would result in me visiting the power plug a couple times a day. I can easily go on for 2 full days with a full charge.

I love this phone. I will have this phone for years to come. This is the best blackberry out to date; and if you are on the T-Mobile network and looking for the most powerful blackberry phone to date; then I recommend that you pick up a Blackberry Bold 9700

In Closing

And again! Get the Blackberry 9700. Give me your Pin. And we can chat on BBM and be cool, technologically advanced kids!

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