Sometimes it can be difficult and time consuming to own a dog.  Your apartment doesn’t allow it, or they don’t have time for a dog is a common excuse.  The one thing that is never mentioned is that canine buddy can provide a person with many benefits that they simply don’t see coming.  Yes there are responsibilities that dog ownership brings that can’t be ignored but the return is so valuable that all people should own man's best friend at some point in their lives.  Here are a few reasons why dogs are the best pets.

First of all there is an unconditional love that a dog gives you that is positive for your self esteem. It does not matter what the rest of the world thinks about you, when it comes to your dog, you are the most important, most awesome person in the world. When you return home and see their reaction of unbridled affection it will warm your heart.

Of course a canine is known as man’s best friend but that is absolutely the case. Your responsibility is to feed them, walk them and pay a little attention to them and they will be your best buddy for life. They will never leave you for another friend, or gossip about you with the other dogs behind your back. No your dog is loyal and will be your friend no matter what. Dogs are really man’s best friend.

When you own a dog then you have a connection to inner peace. There is something special about being able to put the well being of someone else ahead of the needs of oneself. This is something that people learn when they have kids. However a dog provides this to everybody. It is difficult to be wrapped up in depression and negative thoughts about your life when there is someone who is depending on you. Even if it is a four legged someone. The person that you are is going to be greater for the thrill of having a dog.

As we become surrounded by computer screens and video games, exercise is something that we find excuses to avoid. With a dog in the house those excuses are gone for good. Dogs just love to go for walks and you will too when you’re walking down the road with your buddy.  There is no way that you can avoid walking your canine because if you don’t there will be a mess in the house to clean up.  Yes it is clear that owning a dog is fun and great for you.