Some companies sell ozone air purifiers. These machines are designed to clean the air by putting ozone gas into the air. Unfortunately, these types of purifiers are actually bad for you.

Ozone is a gas. It is made up of three atoms of oxygen. Two atoms of oxygen is the air that we breathe, but the third of these atoms contained in ozone is able to break away and react with organic material.

The reason that ozone is considered dangerous is because your body is made up of organic material. Inhaled ozone can actually cause severe damage to your lungs and body.

Ozone air purifiers can actually cause complications to existing breathing conditions. Even low amounts of ozone have been proven to cause chest pains, throat irritation and shortness of breath.

If you are looking at getting an air purifier for your home you will want to make sure that any you purchase is not marketed as an ozone purifier. If it is marketed as an ozone purifier, it is one that you should steer away from.

Some less than scrupulous manufacturers have been caught using terms like 'energized oxygen', or 'pure air', but these claims are false and worse than that, they are extremely dangerous.

Health standards on the amount of dangerous ozone intake vary from agency to agency. The Food and Drug Administration states that an air cleaning or purification device should have an output of no more than 0.05ppm.

While OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends no more than 0.10ppm. These are very low levels.

It is easy to check and see what the output of any air purifier is, because they are required by law to report this information.

You might be wondering about the ozone layer, which is supposed to be good for us, right? Well this is true; the ozone that is in the upper stratosphere is good for the environment because it works as a shield for the earth from harmful radioactive energy that comes from the sun. But that gas is extremely high in our atmosphere, we are not breathing it.

At that distance it is safe, but close by, it is not. Ozone does not remove chemicals from the air. Ozone does not remove biological pollutants or odors.

Air filters, ionizers, and other air cleaning systems are much more effective and safer for your family and pets than an ozone air purifier would be.

Getting rid of the source of your air pollution is also a great way to improve air quality without having to purchase any outside equipment, or change your home too drastically.

If you want an ozone air purifier maybe you should think twice and do a little more research. There are lots of other ways to get your air clean without the use of dangerous gases.

An air purifier can eliminate all the dangerous that live in your air and make you breathe easier, knowing that you are not getting poisoned from ozone.