If you are wondering what P90X equipment is needed to utilize this system, then take a few moments to read the next few paragraphs.

In this informative article, will discuss what P90X equipment is needed in order for the program will work. There are 2 things that you'll want, bands or weights, as well as a chin up bar. Anything else is up to you, but those two things are necessary.

Let's start off by talking about the 1st piece of equipment you will need, either a set of free weights or a set of resistance tubing. A piece of strength training equipment is critical because, that allows you to get a complete workout, you will need resistance of some type. Most people prefer resistance bands simply because, there is less risk for injury and they take less time to change in between sets. All you need to do, is clipped a different tube to the handles and you can have more or less tension. With free weights however, you have to undo the lock find a new plate put it on and then tighten the lock again. You will find yourself having to pause the DVD a lot and your workout will take at least 10 minutes longer. A popular set of workout tubes are the Bodylastics. These offer almost 300 pounds of tension on their highest model and is Lowe's 100 pounds of tension. There cheapest set is $50, and can be used on their own, as they offer a workout DVD and manual and access to an online training site. They also have a lifetime defect warranty, meaning that when the bands lose their tensile strength and begin to bend or break, you can just pay small delivery fee and get a brand-new set.
If you're wondering what P90X equipment is required to use the program, then take a couple of moments to read the next few paragraphs.

Now, let's review why the chin up bar is important. You will need to do chin-ups with this program, and while you can use a simple bar, a chin up bar with comfortable handles is probably a good idea. A chin up bar that you can buy is fairly inexpensive and can be attached to the top of a door frame. The creators of power 90 extreme do offer a chin up bar, though you can go through someone else. If money is a problem, it is possible to always just create your own or improvise. Just make sure that you do chin-ups, as they will help build the muscle in your chest and your arms.

There you have it, the P90X equipment needed to get the program to work for you. Free weights or bands and a chin up bar. As long as you have both of these things, it is not necessary to purchase anything else unless you so choose. There is no other pieces of P90X equipment required.