First off, I want to start by saying that both P90X and Insanity are both excellent workouts. You can get that ripped up look you've always wanted with either workout really, it really just depends on what you are looking for. Insanity focuses on cardio and is the hardest out of the two workouts. P90X is evenly balanced but demands more time than insanity. So, which is the right one for you?



p90x vs insanity

I have done both P90x and Insanity workouts and can safely say you are getting your money's worth with either one. Insanity is a lot harder than P90X and requires a lot of jumping around or high impact cardio to be more precise. So if you're not already in decent shape, then you should probably stick with P90X. P90x isn't easy or anything, it just progresses more naturally along with the user rather than Insanity which throws you right into an intense program.

carido interval trainingAlright, lets take a look at Inanity workout which is arguably the best cardio interval home workout on the market. Workouts consist of a 10 minute warm up (you'll be drenched in sweat from this alone) followed by a 6 minute stretch and then a 30-45 minute workout (depends on what month you are in of the program, 1 or 2.) The main workout is made up of several minutes of intense cardio followed by brief periods of rest.

You can expect to burn an average of 300 to 600 calories per workout with insanity but you can get it up to 1000 calories depending on how hard you "Bring It!"

The whole workout program is designed to get you ripped in 60 days and it works as long you maintain good form with a high intensity. Proper diet is recommended with insanity, but it is not as necessary as it would be if you were doing another workout. After you get used to the workout your metabolism will be so amped that it won't really matter what you eat as long as you're not living out of  Burger King or something (although it can't hurt to diet if your going for that 6-pack.)

Shawn TThere are a few cons to go along with all of insanity pros. The main con is the total lack of pull-ups. Don't me wrong, it's cool that insanity doesn't require you to buy any equipment. But, the lack strength workouts can leave you wanting more. 

Insanity works out all of your major muscle groups and many of your secondary ones as well. All of the workouts are all cardio based and will give you a ripped up look, but if you're going for bulk muscle you'll be disappointed.

Insanity is much more demanding than P90x. Newcomers often find themselves overwhelmed by the intensity and may become easily discouraged. Insanity is a great workout, but, if you don't have the motivation to use it, you won't get that far. p90x vs insanity colloge

P90X is probably the most popular home workout there is. It is extremely well-balanced incorporating strength, cardio, yoga, kenpo and various other workouts into the program. P90X also scales with the user. What I mean by this is that whoever is doing the workout will be able to push themselves to the limit every video without hitting a plateau. P90X is also the best choise for anyone not confident in their own ability to get fit. The videos produce maximum results without being to hard to discourage the user. As long as you show up every day and keep pressing play, you'll get that body you want.

P90X is a 90-day total fitness program that requires minimal equipment. To do P90X you will need to buy: Pull up bar, weights ranging from 10-30 lbs and/or strength resistance bands. Push up assists and a yoga mat are also recommended but not required to do the program. Also, it's recommended to take a protien shake as well as multivitamins to help speed up your muscle growth.

Don't forget to sent your before and after pics to beach body in order to receive your free T-Shirt. This offer stands for both P90X and Insanity work-outs.

tony horton in his famous x poseP90X is built around the idea of muscle confusion. This is the theory that if you keep switching up your workouts, your muscles will get "confused" and have to work harder producing faster growth.

While there is no scientific data that proves muscle confusion is legitimate yet, but the workouts are good enough that it doesn't really even matter.

One thing is for sure, switching up workout's constantly will cause you to sort of re-learn each workout which helps prevent bad habits. Also, doing the same routine breeds lathargisism and will cause the user to lose focus.

A poor focus causes bad form which adds up over time. You get what you put in. If you are just going through the motions and not pushing your self to the limit every time, it will take much longer to see the desired results.

Where do I go next? If you have completed either Insanity or P90X your going to be looking where to go next. Most people will just go through the program a second time and then look for a gym to keep up their results while socializing/showing off. But, there are several options available for a "ramp up."

A popular workout is the P90X / Insanity hybrid. This can be done by replacing P90x's cardio days with Insanity workout. This is popular because P90X has a rather weak cardio compared to Insanity so the two compliment each other very well. The only downfall is that you have to get both Insanity and P90X which can get a little pricey when you factor in equipment.

Also available are the graduate programs to Insanity or P90x. Insanity's graduate program is called "Insanity Asylum" and is a cardio/strength workout on par with professional athletes. For P90X there is "P90X +" which is an expansion to P90X raising it to the next level.