A review of one of the world's best portable printers...

The Canon PIXMA iP90v is a photo ready inkjet printer and it’s Canon’s second best in their mobile printer range.  It’s one of the best ever at the moment. 

Its resolution for color is 4800 x 1200 dots per inch which puts it on level with HP’s current best and half the resolution of the iP100 – its next generation replacement.  To put this in perspective for those who aren’t printer savvy, that dots per inch resolution number is easily adequate enough to print out high resolution quality photographs.  Any higher than that you can call high definition pretty much, but this will be more than enough for almost any type of photograph that you’ll want to whip out.

It prints out rapidly for a portable printer at approximately 16 pages per minute black and white at its quickest speed in draft mode and 13 ppm at regular speed settings.  For color printing it prints out text and graphics at 12ppm in low quality and 7 at standard quality.  When it comes to using its high resolution specification color photographs then can expect a 81 second wait time for regular quality.  These printing speeds are fast –they’re not close to the speeds which stationary inkjet/laser printers allow, but it’s quite simply a price that you’ve got to pay when getting the portability that’s on offer.

You’re buying a great printer in terms of both transportability and printing specifications.  If you were to compare it to any stationary printer then obviously it’s going to come out on the bottom, but this is a compromise device.  It’s a compromise between a decent modest price (around 200 dollars), good capabilities and its more than reasonable portability.

It’s very small and weighs a mere mass of 1.8kg which is almost nothing and makes it quite lightweight.  This is capable of fulfilling all of your business or leisure requirements, whether you want to print off a high resolution photo-quality business card to impress.  Or whether you want to print out 20 sheets in draft mode rapidly, the PIXMA iP90v Photo InkJet Printer can most certainly handle it – no issues here.  Color pictures in perfect high resolutions as well as wireless options such as IrDA and Bluetooth make this very flexible.

It’s small enough to fit inside a net book holder with your net book, you could buy your own bag for it if you want – overall it’s the perfect printer for everything you’ll want.

I do have some grievances, but they refer more to what arrives with the Canon Portable Printer, because the reality is that it doesn’t come wireless or portable at all.  You need to make sure you buy a specific Bluetooth card or use dongle if you want to use that wireless transfer protocol or you’ll be stuck having to use usb 2.0.  I myself think of something transportable when it has its very own battery and hence doesn’t need to be connected to mains socket electricity – and in this case it doesn’t come with the battery which is one hundred dollars you’ll have to fork out to get one in the first place.

When it comes to the actual printer I don’t have any big annoyances, it’s durable and its capabilities are excellent – on par with HP’s best as I said before.  Overall it’s a good buy, and seeing as it’s a slightly outdated there’s a very high probability you may be able to find one at a low price.  Websites such as Ebay and Amazon are the places to check out and there’s a good chance you’ll also be able to locate a Bluetooth adapter at a small percentage of the 1st hand cost which is something else which certainly needs to be considered.