If you feel that Vegas ,because of its manifold attractions is an ideal weekend getaway. ,I can guarantee you that you are not alone in your musings . There are probably millions of people who will wholeheartedly endorse your thinking and each will have his or her own notion about a perfect weekend in Vegas . In truth the city provides a host of attractions apart from the usual ones like gambling ,that enable people in more ways than one to experience an awesome weekend . There is an entire gamut of activities that one can undertake in Vegas to one’s liking apart from casino gambling to have a perfect weekend .Here are a few of them ,that one may consider doing in Vegas


From the outset, Vegas maynot appear to be your typical shopping destination ,but you may be surprised to learn that droves of people come to Vegas in a bid to see and shop at some of the famous shopping paradises of America . The most famous shopping centre in Vegas would be Neonopolis . This sprawling pedestrian shopping complex contain a multitude of restaurants and shops to whet one’s appetite for shopping as well as eating . It is virtually impossible that if you come to Vegas , that you won’t either shop or eat in any of the centres in Neonopolis . Besides just being able to shop in a 100 million dollars worth mall is one thing to brag to your friends when you return .


It goes without saying Vegas and Casinos have become synonymous thereby forming a focal point of tourist attraction . Vegas’s positioning as the casino capital of the world is justified as it boasts of some of the world’s best casinos .First there are the famous poker tables in Bellagio poker rooms or you may want to try out the Mirage hotel and the Casino . No matter which casino you opt , the stakes are always high in Vegas and you will be surprised to find the gambler in you being unearthed in such a conducive environment


The accomodations in Vegas are state of the art so you will be pampered and steeped in luxurious settings throughout your sojourn in one of the many renowned otels . The most notable is the MGM Grand which is world famous for its services.

So whether you are looking for a perfect shopping destination or just want to let go and unleash the gambler in you ,Vegas is an ideal choice

The Sin City