Pomerania was a region on the Baltic Sea between the rivers Oder and Vistula. During 10th century Slavic tribes lived there than Poland invaded the area and introduced Christianity. In 1227 Easter Pomerania declared independence and was known as Pomerania. At the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 after the 30 years war western Pomerania divided up between Sweden and Brandenburg which is now Germany.

In 1721 when Sweden lost in the Northern War it also lost most of Pomerania to Prussia. In 1772 eastern Pomerania annexed to Prussia. After Napoleon Wars 1815 both region of western and eastern Pomerania was given to Prussia at the Congress of Vienna.

In 1919 at the Versailles Peace Settlement the eastern made into a Polish Corridor. After the Second World War most of Pomerania became Poland and rest became East Germany.


A former Northern German Kingdom which was split up into Poland and other countries of the former USSR.

The Teutonic Knights defeated the pagan Prussia's ethnic groups in the 13th century and created Prussia as a country. By 1525 it became a hereditary duchy ruled by the Hohenzollern dynasty but Poland controlled its foreign policy.

1618 the duchy of Prussia’s successor were German princess, The Electors of Brandenburg.

1701 the Elector Frederick III crowned himself as king of Prussia Frederick I.

In the 17th century the kings Frederick William I, Frederick II and Frederick William II made Prussia as the greatest power of Europe. Napoleon defeated Prussia but the Congress of Vienna in 1815 established its territory and created a German Confederation. Due to the victory in the Franco-Prussian War in 1879 the Prussian king William I became emperor of united Germany in 1871.

After the First World War Prussia was a German province during the German Weimar Republic. When Germany lost in the Second World War Prussia ruled by the allies from 1945 till 1947. The allies divided it and parts were given to Poland, USSR and East Germany.

WILLIAM I (1797- 1888)

King of Prussia from 1861 and first Emperor of Germany from 1871.  He was all for the Prussian army and fought in the war against Napoleon. In 1848 he used his army against his people’s revolution. He became unpopular and fled to London.  When he succeeded to the throne he made Otto von Bismarck his minister-president and dominated by ambitious Bismarck’s politics. When he won against Denmark in 1864, Austria in 1866 and France in 1871 he became emperor of united German Second Empire. He fought hard the rising socialism and had two assassination’s attempt.

WILLIAM II (1859-1941

King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany from 1888 to 1918 He was the grandson of Queen Victoria. In 1890 Chancellor Otto von Bismarck forced to resign by William II and he became a personal ruler. William became known as a warmonger. He agreed with his secretary Alfred von Tirpitz to build a fleet like Britain. He sent a telegram to the Boar leader President Paul Kruger congratulating him on the defeat of Jameson Raid in 1896. It offended Britain.

When William gave his support to Austria-Hungary against Serbia in 1914 it added to the acceleration into the First World War.  Upon defeat in 1918 William abdicated and went to the Netherlands. He died in 1941.