In a career, a person must develop professional knowledge and abilities to have a successful affect. The knowledge and abilities are learned through separate organizations outside of the company a person works for and personal experiences attained from multiple careers. This essay will explain: (a) a professional organization, which provides the professional knowledge; (b) the organization's contribution to increasing professional knowledge and abilities; and (c) how the knowledge and abilities will affect a person's career success.

Professional Organization

Many organizations throughout the world are devoted to increasing a person's knowledge and abilities. The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) is a prestigious nonprofit organization designed to making security professionals more informed through education and networking of other certified security professionals. ASIS was founded in 1955 and officially changed its name to ASIS International in 2002 (American Society for Industrial Security International [ASIS], 2009, ¶ 1.) ASIS has more than 138 chapters in 70 countries (ASIS International Signs Agreement with Information Systems Security Association, 2009, ¶ 2) successfully increasing the security professional's productivity and efficiency through education programs and materials pertaining to specific security topics.

Contribution to Professional Knowledge and Abilities

ASIS is a major contributor to the increase of professional knowledge and abilities throughout multiple areas for security professionals. ASIS has a commission on standards and guidelines which works with other organizations throughout the world to create a universal standard by using the knowledge, experiences, and expertise of its members and the experts within the industry to find the most up-to-date practices and issues. ASIS offers three accredited certification courses which have specific requirements of time in the profession, academic studies, and an in-depth testing to certify an individual in areas of security management, investigations, or physical security specialties. ASIS is becoming recognized by major corporations and is becoming a requirement before hiring a security professional. Over 30 educational programs are currently available in academic courses and seminars designed specifically to keep a person abreast of the newest information and training available. ASIS also is one of the largest organizations devoted to improving the quality of professionals in the field of security. This provides a security professional with the largest network of certified professionals throughout the world for assistance or information in areas the professional's experience is limited in.

How the Knowledge and Abilities will Affect Career Success

Through ASIS, many factors greatly enhance a security professional's success. With the network that ASIS provides, a person can get reliable information and suggestions from other certified individuals from within the organization. ASIS enhances a security professional's abilities and enhances career success by the education, live seminars, and certifications provided. By obtaining the certifications through ASIS, the security professional becomes more marketable in the security profession. By providing security professionals with the education, services, and providing the only monthly magazine, focusing specifically on the issues and concerns in the security field, makes ASIS the leader in professional knowledge and improving the abilities of security professionals (ASIS, 2009, ¶ 2.) The training and education provided will enhance the abilities of the security professional by providing the latest tried and tested methods.


With many organizations available, ASIS is clearly the forerunner in the most up-to-date information and training available to a security professional. The skills and information learned through this organization, along with the certifications, are a benefit to advancing the security professional's knowledge and abilities to better enhance the career success and progression. ASIS organization is a professional organization which provides the knowledge needed, contributes to increasing professional knowledge and abilities, and will affect a security professional's career success. With this organizations accreditation and ongoing seminars in the newest advances in security, along with the ongoing network of standard-setting organizations, a security professional will develop into a specialist or expert in the security field.


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