The Playstation 3 "black screen of death" is a fairly common error to experience, but many gamers still panic and worry when it occurs. In this article you are going to learn how to fix a PS3 blank screen quickly and easily yourself, so you can get back in the game in next to no time. A PS3 black screen on start up isn't the end of the road for your console, and usually you can be gaming again in under thirty minutes. Keep reading to find out how.

Things You Will Need

You will need your PS3 console (of course) as well as a USB controller; you cannot use a wireless controller when fixing the PS3 blank screen as you will effectively have to boot your console into "safe mode".

Step 1

Place your PS3 into stand-by mode. This is indicated by a solid red light in the LED next to the power button.

Step 2

Place your finger on the touch power button, hold it down until you hear a series of 3 beeps.

Step 3

Continue to hold the power button down until a further three beeps are heard. IMPORTANT- one of these beeps will be long, two will be very short and "staccato", you need to let go of the power button after the third beep.

Step 4

Check your PS3 screen- it should show some text instructing you to connect a controller via USB, if you have not already done so. If you do not see this screen then follow steps 1-3 through again, but press the touch power button again after releasing it following the final beep. Continue to follow the instructions on screen until you reach a list of six options.

Step 5

We want to fix the PS3 blank screen, which is most likely caused by an incorrect hardware or software setting. Therefore, select option number two, entitled "Restore Default Settings". Press "X" and then follow the instructions/wait for your PS3 to do its work. If done correctly this should not delete your saved games and data, merely reset the Playstation 3 to its default hardware settings.

With a bit of luck your Playstation 3 should now be fixed and free of the pesky black/blank screen.

If the above method does not work, repeat the process until you reach the list of six options, then select number three entitled "Restore File System." A message may then appear that your PS3's file system is corrupted, and you will have to either reformat your hard drive, or purchase a new one in order to fix the black screen on start up.

The PS3 blank screen is an error you are likely to experience more than once, so it pays to understand well how to fix it.

Tips & Warnings

If you have your PS3 users' manual, this process is also covered in detail there. It is advisable that you consult this if possible for more information.