The PSP is a portable gaming device by Sony. It costs 200 dollars standard, and also is packed with games and movies. The PSP caters to more serious handheld gamers with stunning handheld graphics, advanced online play, and hardcore games.


There are a few different versions of the PSP, and though they aren't differnt, they are worth noting. Remember that the versions don't play different games, but are just improved versions of the PSP.


The first PSP, this model is clunky, heavy, and all together old-fashined when it comes to older models. Buyers should never purchase this version, with such better versions availiable.


An good improvement over the 1000, the 2000 sports an easier way to put in and take out games, faster loading times, and is much lighter. This was a respectable improvement by Sony.


While the 2000 was a a respectable improvement over the 1000, the 3000 is just a joke. All sony did was improve the load times and make the PSP lighter.

My brother has a 2000 while I have a 3000. To be honest, you couldn't tell the difference except for the weight and color. It really is a pretty pathetic excuse to call an upgrade.

Oh and by the way, the battery life is shortened by 20 minutes. Way to make worse rather than improve one of the most important components of the PSP, Sony!


Now this is an interesting PSP. The screen has been reduced by 40 percent, it is now closable like the DS, and the layout of the system has changed. Most importantly, the PSP can finally fit in your pocket.

If you like portability, this could be a great option. However, the screen is much smaller, which as it seems to me would take away from the gaming experience, but improved graphics and video might make up for that.

Another thing worth noting is the 50 dollar increase in price. I comparing the regular PSP 3000 or 2000 to the Go so you can make the right decision for you.

PSP Versus DS

The Nintendo DS is the major competitor to the Sony PSP. So comparing before you buy is important.

To put it simply, the DS is for casual soft gamers (like young kids), and the PSP is for more hardcore gamers. The DS just can't match the PSP in graphics, and therefore many great video game genres like first person shooters are pretty much left out.

The DS does have many great RPGs for the more hardcore, but that's about it. Most of the games you will find are clever games, but not necessarily hardcore.

The DS can also be much cheaper than the PSP depending on what model you get.