Since the inception of the PSP portable gaming system, it seems like people have been more taken with the fact that it can play PSP UMD movies, and not just games. It seems like there are many more movies that can be played on these systems than there are games and other PSP stuff. Then there's the popularity of converter programs such as PSP Movie Creator that can convert other formats to something that can be watched on your console.

But before long, people largely stopped buying the PSP UMD movies. This drop in sales caused the producers of these disks to cut back their inventory or even stop making them, as well as selling them at reduced prices. The problem, though, wasn't that people weren't watching the movies, it's just that they were finding another source for them. What's happening is that people started downloading their PSP movies from the internet, just like they download other audio and video files. It seems silly to spend money on something you can get at no cost.

The manufacturers of these digital PSP UMD movies obviously didn't see this coming. Of course it's just like what happened to the producers of music CDs when the internet became filled with lots of free download sites. So the PSP UMD movie industry has virtually ground to a halt due to the great number of internet sites where you can download illegal copies of movies to play on your console.

Manufacturers tried to counter the problem by selling special editions and lowering their prices. They even tried to sell the movies for a low cost on their own websites. But it hasn't made much difference to those who simply don't want to pay for their entertainment.

There's no shortage of sites on the internet where a movie can be converted to PSP format and downloaded. And it's not just online that you can get these movies for free. You can buy a software program that will easily convert your regular movie files to PSP UMD format. Certainly this is against the law, but most people don't really care. Then they can upload their converted file and distribute it to anyone else who's interested. There are so many alternatives to purchasing a movie that it almost seems crazy to do so.

It's not easy to come up with a solution to this situation, but any measures to change things would have to involve some sort of law enforcement effort to search out and shut down these sites. No doubt the movie manufacturers would like to be involved in something like this. Furthermore, a crackdown on those who break the copyright laws has to be pursued more vigorously. Of course, it's not difficult to come up with a solution, but implementing it is another story. If you want to do your bit to keep the PSP UMD movie industry alive, just pay for your movies instead of sharing them.