The next generation of gaming is upon us and this year will probably be the last we hear of rumors with regards to the PlayStation 4 console specs and final reveal. One thing we can learn from all the rumors and speculation going around these days is that the signs are showing that we are likely to see the console arrival sooner than later. I tell you the truth, the PlayStation 4 (PS Omni or PS Orbis) will have to be able to do 4K HD gaming for it to be future proof.



When the PS 3 launched way back in 2006, one thing it came out with that no other console had was Blu-ray Disc player. The inclusion of Blu-ray to the PS 3 is one of the main reasons why the PS 3 is very successful today. The fact that it can play HD movies as well as games makes it a number one choice for anybody who is looking to buy a console that can ‘play it all’. But that’s not to say it didn’t come at a cost. In fact, one of the major reasons why the console was delayed for almost a year was because Sony did not get enough of the Blu-ray parts it needed for its PS 3 production that year so they had to push their launch date a little further ahead to meet up with supply. The Blu-ray was also one of the main reasons why the console was very expensive when it launched. The decision to include a Blu-ray with the console almost lead to its downfall, but in the end it paid off and proved to be a wise decision on Sony’s part.


Now that the PS 4 is on its way out, it will be wise of Sony to make it capable of outputting 4K HD gaming as this will be the standard in a few years from now. If we are to go by the 10 year life span it will be the wisest thing to do now because in that time frame 4K HD gaming will pretty much become the standard. We can already see this happening in the movie industry so why hold back on it now? The PS 4 needs to be able to do 4K HD gaming in order for it to be future proof no matter the cost.


So, tell me do you share the same view with me on this? Do you think PS 4 needs to be able to do 4K HD gaming for it to be future proof or not? Please drop your comment below.