PTA Fundraisers-Have a Golf Outing Fundraising Event to Raise Big Money

Schools around the country are facing monetary shortages. PTA fundraisers help fill the monetary void that massive budget cuts have produced. While these PTA sponsored fundraisers help meet monetary goals, a problem is created when you have too many fundraisers. To many parents, it is annoying to have to buy some product month after month, especially when it is something they really do not need or is overpriced.

One way to stop having monthly fundraisers and to raise big money is to have one major fundraising event each year. A well attended PTA fundraiser can raiser thousands of dollars-much more than a monthly fundraiser. A PTA sponsored golf outing fundraiser event will raise big money for your school if planned and executed properly.

Planning the PTA Golf Outing

Planning the PTA golf outing is a big undertaking that needs at least four to five months of preparation and a team of devoted volunteers. Earning big money for your school with a big PTA fundraiser does not happen overnight! Our PTA has had a golf outing fundraising event successfully for several years, and we do earn big money each year.

The first thing you need to do is get your committee together. There should be three co-chairs. One is in charge of the taking care of the golfing part, and two are charge of the sponsors and donations. The three co-chairs need to meet and stay in contact throughout the planning process.

Once a date is selected, a committee must be formed. Send out flyers from the school and emails from the PTA asking for volunteers and have a time and date selected for your first meeting.

Things To Accomplish for Your PTA Golf Outing Fundraising Event

Here is a list of all that needs to get done before the big golf outing:

Find a golf course and pick a date for the outing

Select the committee chairs

Organize your committee

Run off a brochure telling about the PTA golf outing to send home to each family

Get golfers to attend the PTA fundraising event

Write your letter of intention on school letterhead with all of the important information on it, like your Tax ID number and contact information

Find a place to get the hole sponsor flags

Find sponsors for each hole, as well as the "hole in one" sponsor

Find a place to get your golfer goodie bags and goodies to put in there

Get donations for your raffle baskets

Get donations for your silent auction

Get door prizes

Select dates to put the baskets together

Make sure you have baskets, boxes, cake rounds, newspaper, tissue paper, cardboard, tape, cellophane and bows to put the baskets together

Organize the donations by themes for the gift baskets

Decide how much raffle tickets will go

Get volunteers to get the baskets to the country club and set them up, including bags for the tickets

Get volunteers to work the putting contest, sell raffle tickets and to check everyone in

The Golf Portion

The person in charge of getting the golf course needs to make sure that there everything is in place for the PTA golf outing. Along with selecting a date, the person needs to find out:

Is there are minimum amount of golfers needed in order to have the PTA fundraising event take place?

What is the charge for each golfer? What is included in that price? Golf carts? All fees?

When is the start time and ending time?

What happens if it is inclement weather? Is the event cancelled and/or rescheduled?

If you are planning on having lunch and dinner there, can you bring lunch in from an outside source?

What kinds of items are on the menu? Do we get a selection buffet style or do we get served a choice of entrees?

Can people just attend the dinner and not golf?

No contract should be signed without all of the committee chairs reading through it first. All should be in agreement with the terms and conditions before signing. This way, no mistakes are made and discovered when it is too late to do anything about it. Everyone needs to stay in the loop for this portion, in case something happens to the main contact.

Your First PTA Golf Committee Meeting

At your first meeting for your PTA fundraiser event, you need to hand out an outline of what needs to be done in a time line fashion. Since you are starting several months out, you need to set monthly goals. This will keep you and the committee on track as well as prevent last minute panic when you realize you have two weeks to get it all done.

At your meeting, you will detail how to get donations for your PTA fundraiser, as well as sponsors. You will also have to set dates for each meeting and make sure all, if not most, of the committee can meet. It is important to meet at least once a month until the PTA golf event. This way you can see your progress, as well as see who is not doing their job. As a group, you can find ways to help the others get their share of the work done.

During the last two weeks, you will be meeting much more often to take care of all the many final details!

Staying in Touch-Communication is Vital

It is important that the committee stay in constant contact between meetings. Email makes this easy. Whenever you get a donation or sponsor, just email to let everyone know. It makes keeping the donation and sponsor spreadsheet so much easier! It also avoid overlap as to who has went to which shopping plaza asking for donations.

Asking the School Community to Help

About two to three weeks before the PTA golf outing fundraiser, send a letter to each family in the school asking for donations. They can be new or very gently used. Everyone has things in their closets and drawers that they do not use but hate to throw away since they are new. Have them donate these items as fillers for the raffle prize gift baskets.

PTA Golf Outing Day-Sell Those Raffle Tickets!

On the day of your PTA golf fundraiser, you will need to push those raffle tickets! We sold raffles for Mulligans and the putting contest, as well as the raffle prize baskets. We gave each golfer a raffle ticket for the door prize drawing, too.

You are going to make the most money on your raffle tickets, so push them! Sell as many as you can before the outing starts, and then after a day of golfing and drinks on the course, sell some more! Those who are attending the dinner will also buy tickets, so make sure you give them time to look and buy.

Having a PTA fundraiser, such as a golf outing event, to raise big money for your school, takes a lot of time and a team of dedicated volunteers. The effort is worth it when the final totals are in.